LUSH Kitchen: Guide To Getting What You Want

The lazy person’s guide

Bill Gates would choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

So as a lazy person, I am going to teach you the concise, easier way to maximise your chances of getting exactly what you want in the early morning battlefield that is LUSH Kitchen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.29.31 pm

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Sweater Weather

Let’s have an adventure

It’s been a while since I last posted anything as I’ve just begun Law school and I’m still trying to work out how to fit blogging into my new (very full) schedule. Today’s post is the Sweater Weather Tag and I was tagged by the lovely Paige at She Be Chic to do it (click here to read hers!).

Favourite candle scent

Since I live in the university halls, unfortunately, I’m not allowed candles – or anything with flames for that matter… So it’s a ‘no’ to birthday candles =[

I do however burn candles in Hong Kong, and I particularly like Palais de Thé’s Thé Du Hamman Berries Candle. I love the tea version as well, and it smells like a sweeter version of the tea – very similar to the Turkish Bath it’s supposed to evoke.

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The Thing About Guys That Fall For Lookalikes

I’ve just watched the 15th episode of School 2015: Who Are You, which is an amazing drama series and I urge anyone with time to go watch it. I say ‘with time’ because once you watch the first episode, you will become irrevocably addicted and watch all the episodes within a days time (or night, in my case).

In the series there are pretty much only three main couples – Eun Byul (the older twin sister) and Yi An (Eun Byul’s childhood friend), Eun Bi (the younger twin sister who takes her sister’s place after she goes missing) and Yi An, and finally Eun Bi and Tae Kwang (the school delinquent that was ‘reformed’ due to Eun Bi). And in this post – you can prepare yourself for a lot of spoilers if you read on.

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Anti-Stretch Mark & Cellulite Project [5 Weeks]

I honestly don’t know when I discovered I had stretch marks. It sounds a little weird, but since I have always had scars around my hip area and leg, I just thought they were smaller scars I got doing who-knows-what since I’m quite accident prone; so when they weren’t disappearing, I decided to look into it more.

I feel like I must have always had some, but only realised what they were after finding out what cellulite and stretch marks were… In fact, I’m still not even entirely sure whether what I have are faded stretch marks, or cellulite, or both (would greatly appreciate any input in the comments).

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