Sweater Weather

Let’s have an adventure

It’s been a while since I last posted anything as I’ve just begun Law school and I’m still trying to work out how to fit blogging into my new (very full) schedule. Today’s post is the Sweater Weather Tag and I was tagged by the lovely Paige at She Be Chic to do it (click here to read hers!).

Favourite candle scent

Since I live in the university halls, unfortunately, I’m not allowed candles – or anything with flames for that matter… So it’s a ‘no’ to birthday candles =[

I do however burn candles in Hong Kong, and I particularly like Palais de Thé’s Thé Du Hamman Berries Candle. I love the tea version as well, and it smells like a sweeter version of the tea – very similar to the Turkish Bath it’s supposed to evoke.

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The Thing About Guys That Fall For Lookalikes

I’ve just watched the 15th episode of School 2015: Who Are You, which is an amazing drama series and I urge anyone with time to go watch it. I say ‘with time’ because once you watch the first episode, you will become irrevocably addicted and watch all the episodes within a days time (or night, in my case).

In the series there are pretty much only three main couples – Eun Byul (the older twin sister) and Yi An (Eun Byul’s childhood friend), Eun Bi (the younger twin sister who takes her sister’s place after she goes missing) and Yi An, and finally Eun Bi and Tae Kwang (the school delinquent that was ‘reformed’ due to Eun Bi). And in this post – you can prepare yourself for a lot of spoilers if you read on.

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Kakashi’s True Face

15 years onwards

Obviously, apart from the title, I’ll just officially warn you that there’s going to be spoilers in this post.

15 years later, from when we first laid eyes on the Copy Ninja; we finally get to see whats behind the mask. He’s teased us endlessly before, from episode 101 in the original series (truthfully, the only filler everyone enjoyed) to comedy relief chapters in the manga as well. Teamwork, honestly, never mattered for anything as much as unveiling Kakashi’s mask.

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Tokyo Otaku Mode First Purchase Offer

For free shipping and a $5 discount

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) has been a site that I’ve frequented for over a year now. Apart from food, most of my disposable income is lost to either TOM or ASOS.

Right now they have a promotion going on where if you purchase $30 (or above) worth of goods you receive free shipping worldwide! I’ve also included a link which you can use to receive $5 off your purchase.

They sell everything from Amuse plushies (including the flushed cheeked Alpacassos you see above), clothes (brands such as LIZ LISA are sold, although otaku t-shirts with Evangelion episode titles on them are also available), anime goods (with bishoujo figures being highly popular), manga/doujinshi, art books, concert tickets (such as the Death Note musical) to home goods (curtains and such).

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Drama Recommendations: First Quarter of 2015

I watch just about anything as long as I see actors/actresses I like in the cast, but something with both action and romance is what I prefer the most. Therefore, the start of 2015 has been an amazing quarter for me with standouts such as Healer stealing the spotlight with both an amazing story and cast.

Here are some of favourites from the long list of dramas I’ve watched in the first quarter of 2015. Please note that the title refers to when I watched them, and not when they were released.

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Anime To Watch: Spring 2015

Spring marks the official beginning of another year and the arrival of new anime to watch. Most of us are pretty excited for the new season of Gintama and the return of some much loved classics, but the Spring 2015 season has tons of freshly hidden gems waiting to be loved as well.


I’ve compiled a list of the ones I plan on watching; and why I’m looking forward to it. As reference, I prefer reading shoujo as manga and watching shounen as anime as I love how fast paced animation renders that genre.

So onto some shows to keep your eyes on in no particular order…

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