Sweater Weather

Let’s have an adventure

It’s been a while since I last posted anything as I’ve just begun Law school and I’m still trying to work out how to fit blogging into my new (very full) schedule. Today’s post is the Sweater Weather Tag and I was tagged by the lovely Paige at She Be Chic to do it (click here to read hers!).

Favourite candle scent

Since I live in the university halls, unfortunately, I’m not allowed candles – or anything with flames for that matter… So it’s a ‘no’ to birthday candles =[

I do however burn candles in Hong Kong, and I particularly like Palais de Thé’s Thé Du Hamman Berries Candle. I love the tea version as well, and it smells like a sweeter version of the tea – very similar to the Turkish Bath it’s supposed to evoke.

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Fountain The Hyaluronic Molecule [Day 1]

Day 1

Being not very good at keeping with diet restraints and using food supplements (I had to take iron supplements for a while in the past), hopefully blogging my progress will keep me on track and willing to stick with it long enough to see results. Therefore, I’m going to document how I find The Hyaluronic Molecule from Fountain.

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Shropshire Blogger Meet

0 2 . 0 5 . 1 5

I must be one the slower bloggers to update her blog after attending the Shropshire Blogger Meet hosted by the gorgeous Kirsty at Just A Little Bit Ginger.

The event was held at The Two Henry’s, a local restaurant in Battlefield (Shrewsbury). Since I didn’t know how to get there, I simply called a cab and it took me around half an hour’s ride to reach my destination. As it was raining on the day, I’m really glad I decided to splurge a little on transport… especially as I stupidly wore a skirt with heels in the horrid wet and windy weather.


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Quest Bar Protein Bars

Dessert replacement

I must confess, I’m not good with diets. One, because they scare me; and two, because rather than taking away something from what I eat, I’m much better off adding things into my diet to curb my hunger or create the illusion of fullness if I want to tone up.

While this isn’t exactly the healthiest option, sometimes, if I run out of time to eat breakfast or lunch since I have a busy schedule (and I’ll be craving something sweet or filled with carbs by tea time), Quest Bar’s Protein Bars are somewhat an indulgence for me.


In this review, I’ll be focusing on the following flavours: Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheescake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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Vivani Espresso Biscotti

Not just about the sweetness

Iceland for me had been a budget chocolate haven for me, and I picked up loads of different chocolate bars with the excuse that I needed the extra sugars to keep me going on our hikes up volcanoes and to go geyser exploring.

In one of the supermarkets, I discovered a few Vivani chocolate bars, which looked posh and out of place next to a large selection of Sirius (as in Sirius Black – I’m serious!) chocolate bars. I presume that the Sirius brand is probably the local Icelandic brand… more on that later on.


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Brightening Rice & Milk Mask

Good enough for royalty

Based upon the recorded age old recipe’s from the Naeuiwon (royal health clinic of the Korean Joseon Dynasty), I have reinvented the recipe of tarakjuk (lit. milk porridge) to bring you this nourishing and brightening mask which provides instant results as soon as you wipe it off.


Personally, I like to leave the whole ‘prep process’ ongoing overnight. This is because I can also eat it as fit-for-royalty breakfast in the morning at that point (mask and breakfast all together! Does this get any more awesome?).

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