Barry M Mani Mask Bashful & Birthday Suit

Barry M Mani Mask is part of the new nail care range by Barry M and I’ve been loving everything released in the line. In particular, the Mani Masks in Bashful and Birthday Suit have been keeping me company in the moot court, making sure I look presentable in front of the judges.


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Essie Saltwater Happy

featuring my healing hand

Essie’s Saltwater Happy makes me happy to have short nails.


Not that this perfect cornflower blue wouldn’t look great on all lengths, but on short nails, it just seems extra fun and beach ready!

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Barry M Daylight Curing Peach For The Stars

Peach pink punch

Since I went to town one last time before my exams start to do some shopping (my number one method of both stress relief and doing cardio), I picked up the new Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Polish in Peach For The Stars as well as the matching Barry M Daylight Curing Sunset Top Coat to try out.


Since Barry M makes it so explicitly clear in the instructions that the Daylight Curing Sunset Top Coat, it only made me want to rebel and try it with another polish more. So, for my accent nails, I chose Models Own Ice Neon Pink Punch because it’s a nail polish that I already love and understand the formula of (making it easier to compare results).

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Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish Checkmate

Victory at your fingertips

I must confess I’ve never been good at chess despite my deep love of Lelouch (from Code Geass, who is supposedly amazing at chess) and reading about the games. It’s something I enjoy, but would never be good at (à la League of Legends).


But despite its name, Revlon’s Gel Envy Nail Polish in Checkmate is an understated neutral crème fraîche beige that would be great for paler skinned ladies out there struggling to find a good nude. Fitting in the way that it reflects how a victor should be – modest, humble and not trying too hard to stand out.

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Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do

And so it seems that I will love you

Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do is from the Spring Whisper collection. It’s technically edging into Summer now, but the spring showers are still going strong here in UK.

photo (1)

A beautiful pale mushroom bisque, I added a single gold gem to each hand as an accent to bring out the purple tones in the shade. The shade actually reminds me slightly of taro milk tea – the type you have as base for tapioca bubble tea.

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