Disappointing Products

It’s not me, it’s you

Having just recently returned to my room in Hong Kong despite being back for over 2 weeks, I began cleaning out products that I no longer want. Continue reading

Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation

Desiring purr-fection

With a stunning total of 72 shades in their collection of foundations and concealers (73 if you include the pure white that is Snow Lynx), ranging from light to dark and warm to cool; if you’re having trouble finding a perfect shade match, I highly recommend looking into Meow Cosmetics.


I actually trailed a number of testers from Meow Cosmetics before I settled for the shade Sleek (1) Chartreux in their Pampered Puss Foundation formula. They have a total of three formulas, Pampered Puss being the medium-coverage selection.

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Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream

Cosmetic alliteration.

At the Heathrow Airport, whilst purchasing some last minute souvenirs to bring back to Hong Kong a sweet SA had offered me the chance to try out the Chanel CC “Complete Correction” Cream (i.e. she walked up to me with a bottle and squeezed a good amount of product onto the back of my hand and gave me a small sample), so after applying it to my face – which was – at the time, clean and free of makeup as I was about to board a 12 hour flight, I continued to look around to see how it would fare on my skin.


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Shiro Think. It’s The New Sexy.

Stop boring me and think. It’s the new sexy.

I’m sure all Sherlockians (and CumberCollective/Cumberbabes/Cumberbitches) are likely to recognise where Shiro‘s inspiration for their new Cheekbones “Contouring Powder” Collection came from by now – and indeed – it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s impossible bone structure.


These are formulated to be exceptionally blendable contouring powders, and Think. It’s The New Sexy. is the sole highlighter of the collection. Being a pursuer of all things highlighting related, I decided that Think. would be coming home with me as soon as the situation presented itself possible. Continue reading