Wanna One’s Makeup & Skincare Masterlist


Rookie group Wanna One (consisted of the 11 top-ranking boys from the survival show Produce 101) have very much taken over my life. They’ve reverted me back to my middle school fangirl stage with each episode and now I can shamelessly admit that I’m obsessed.

Being a beauty blogger (am I really one when I update so infrequently?), I was happy to compile a list of information on their makeup and cosmetics when I helped identify products on fan-Instagram accounts, and I’ve also dug some out from my own collection to review.

This will be the Masterlist that I link back to for any reviews I write in the future and will always remain OPEN. I will try adding to it frequently. Continue reading


Unicorn Highlighter

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn – then always be a unicorn.

I never really got into the unicorn hype – but My Little Pony? – that was my childhood! Since Unicorns are kind of having their moment in beauty right now, I’ve decided to take my makeup carving skills up another notch with this unicorn highlighter =]

I imagine this would probably make a great birthday party DIY project for the younger ones out there as well since you start off straight from the pan! In terms of technique, this is actually much easier than my Aladdin Magic Lamp Blush to make.