Beauty Profile

Skin type
Dry and acne prone, when dehydrated- it produces oil mainly on nose and cheek areas. I suffer from acne mostly around my nose (on the cheeks) and on my chin. During the colder months, it has the tendency to peel. Skin conditions I have include: photosensitivity and mild psoriasis.

Hair type
Normal to Dry. The individual strands are thick, but I don’t have a lot of hair. It’s permed at the ends to a wavy finish. I’ve never dyed my hair before and it’s very dark, the tones in my hair are pretty neutral, but lean red/purple in the sun. It reacts quickly to chemicals and heat.

Scent preference
Depends highly on my mood. I like to have my fragrance wardrobe diverse. Even when I travel, I always bring around at least three scents.

Makeup Style
Natural. I’m the horrible (overly pretentious) ‘I woke up like this’ type of girl. I also like to try and keep my skin either looking dewy or having a satin finish instead of going completely matte as it accentuates my dry skin.


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