What is this site?
Well… this is site is probably the messiest conglomeration of a beauty, food, fragrance, literature and otaku culture blog you will ever see.

Who is writing?
Hi, I’m Jasmine! I’m not the best writer out there (still on an endless journey to improve my English) and most of the time whatever I type ends up being nonsensical captions on Instagram and rambles. I’m in my first year of Law School and writing is just a release for me. =]

What does MineYeung mean?
It’s actually my name without the ‘Jas’ part. My full name is Jasmine Yeung. In Cantonese (by the way, it’s my mother tongue!), it also coincidentally means lamb (綿羊).

What causes does this blog support?
As of March 2014, all money made on my social platforms (on this blog, Youtube channel as well as any affiliate links) benefits UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund)! Every month, 10% of this channel’s earnings are donated to improve the lives of children, providing food and healthcare to them around the globe. Money not donated to UNICEF is then saved into an account which donates to another charity every few months (usually quarterly), other charities we have supported are: MSF and Pandas International.

Can I contact you?
Sure! Drop me a comment on any of my posts and I’ll try my best to reply. You can also find out more on my Contact page if you are a company looking to work with me.