L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

L’Oreal is the first of the drugstore brands to jump onto the Cushion Foundation/BB cream band wagon in UK with their Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. This product was released over a year ago in the Asian market, but they’ve revamped the line with a slightly different packaging and way more shades in this new market.

Let’s see how they did.

FullSizeRender (4)

They had five shades for the foundations in both my local Boots and Superdrug:

01 Porcelain – Lightyellow toned beige; lightest of the whole line, but still not pale enough for those of the NC15s and lower
04 Rose Vanilla – Light pink beige, this would be a good match for those around the NC20s range
06 Rose Beige – Probably the truest ‘beige’ of the lot. This has quite a lot of gray in it.
07 Golden Beige – Warmest of the lot. I’d go for this shade to look more tan instead of reaching for the dreadfully orange Soliel Cushion line.
09 Beige – Darker version than 06 Rose Beige and just a (very little) tinge warmer


Here are some pretty foundation-scale gradients before I get on to the rest of the review…


I’ve showed the goods, but are they any good?

Verdict is – no, they aren’t. And it saddens me greatly considering this is the introduction of a very popular Asian trend into the western market which had so much potential.

Both YSL and Estee Lauder have also released their own cushion foundations which include cushions  labelled ‘Made In Korea’ with extremely high price points despite them being made by the drugstore-sold cushion brands in Asia, and L’Oreal had the potential to sell a great product at a good price – it just didn’t reach it.

The formula has too much oil and slip . It just doesn’t want to stay put. Considering that the cushion foundation’s main selling point is how convenient you can touch up your makeup on the go – a formula that requires powder unless you want it streaking everywhere isn’t what you want.

Lasting power and coverage are also lacking. They claim that you can simply ‘tap a lot’ for more coverage, meaning that this is supposed to be buildable, but the overload of slip keeps that from happening. Though, I suppose that all that with all the oil and slip, you do get the ‘glowy’ look and an almost invisible/natural coverage since they’re so sheer.

At the sale price it is currently selling at (£9.99), its a nice gimmick to play around with until a better product is introduced in this market as long as you have great skin to start with; but if you can afford the slight wait due to shipping – save your money and purchase a Korean brand cushion foundation… even the roadstore brand cushion by Etude House is better than this. And If you really want a quality, head straight for a cushion by  HERA, IOPE or Laneige. They’re still holding the best cushion technology in the world.


6 thoughts on “L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

  1. Joyce Belfort says:

    The laneigie one a bit too tacky for me and slides badly. It does not set on my skin and stains my scarves / jacket collar. I have combination skin. I am trying the L’oreal one now (2nd week) and I am rather happy with it. It has a lighter coverage than Laneigie and sort of set within 15min without powder. Lasted about 7 hours on my face without any issue. After 7 hours, edge of my nose starts to lose grip. Overall, I feel that it lasts longer and more comfortable than Laneigie. Which Laneigie range are you referring to (silver white lid, blue edge lid etc)? Perhaps I am using their ‘bad’ range. Please share?


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