GOSH Forever Matte Eye Shadow Stick

GOSH just released the new matte version of their Forever Eye Shadow Stick. The four currently available colours are: Nougat 09, Twisted Brown 10, Dark Brown 11, and Dark Grey 12.



At £6.29 each (what a strange cost to price at), this formula is fast drying, budge-proof, water-proof and completely matte (no glitter/no shimmer/no sheen).

I couldn’t get it off using micellar water; however, it came of fairly easily using an oil cleansing balm and bi-facil cleanser.

They lasted a good 8 hours on my hand before I finally washed it off, and I feel it could have continued to stay on if I hadn’t force it off.


A closer look at the shades (all matte finishes):
Nougat 09 – doe skin nude
Twisted Brown 10 – stormy taupe
Dark Brown 11 – espresso brown
Dark Grey 12warm medium grey



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