Château Labiotte Wine Lip Tints Review

Château Labiotte Wine Lip Tints have been super popular all over Asia for the past month as it’s the lip product of choice for Cheese in the Trap heroine Kim Go Eun. Last month, I did a post on the release of these exciting lip tints and now I’m finally ready to do a review for you guys!


As you can already tell, the packaging is beyond gorgeous and so amazingly detailed! They each come with an individual box and both the tubes (bottles!) and box themselves have their shade identified by a matching colour.


Chateau Labiotte claims that they are supposed to be non-drying and moisturising because it include wine extracts known as sepivinol (funny, I always associated wine to resveratrol, a little research shows that both are very similar as they supposedly both have anti-aging benefits though). I didn’t find it particularly moisturising and my lips didn’t magically become plumper, but they definitely did not go dry. It’s a very comfortable to wear product.

The tints smells faintly of wine (just kidding, it’s Shloer grape juice that it smells like), and tastes like the grape vitamins I used to have as a kid – kinda nostalgic and definitely a little gimmicky, but I’m not complaining!

Formula is fast drying, weightless and buildable.
With the two darker shades (RD01 and OR01), one layer is enough to achieve full, even coverage. They dry to slightly tacky texture that does not budge and has a soft lacquered shine – nothing as shiny as the YSL Vernis a Levres, but they’re not as flat as Benefit lip tints either. I found that if you tried to layer them too much, or before the last layer has completely dried, this can cause the product to ‘bunch up’ and smear marks can appear.


The following are the shades I chose (and swatched in order):
PK01 Blush Pink – The lightest shade of all. A warm, light pink. It’s warmer than both Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 and Benefit’s Posietint. Sheer finish.
CR01 Rose Coral – Warm pink coral (more pink than coral). It’s the shade in between Illamasqua Torture and Illamasqua Mistress. Sheer finish.
OR01 Chardonnay Orange – Gorgeous red orange (a fair deal more orange than red). Very modern, this will be perfect for summer. Opaque, lacquer finish.
RD01 Shiraz Red – Darkest shade out of the four I got. A true wine red, think vampy blue red and you’ll get Shiraz Red! Similar to TOSOWOONG Make-onDual Shaking Tint Vampire. Opaque, lacquer finish.




Longevity is to real highlight of this product, and the swatches on my hand took me a full day to get rid of! I first used an oil balm to cleanse, followed by micellar water and even after a full 12 hour-nights sleep – a faint stain could still be seen! These are one of the longest lasting lip tints I have used and I really recommend picking up the two darker shades because of their amazing liquid lipstick coverage and wear. The lighter shades are also worth a look just they are hard colours to come by as well (they are much less dupable then you’d think).

One thing to note, do not eat anything too oily with these on! I was happily munching away on my KFC hot wings, and I found that this caused the product to migrate, bunching at my lip line. Very strange, it was not super un-appealling, but it made it look like I had a darker lip liner around my lip colour.

DEMOs at 3:12:

Wearing Rose Coral:

FullSizeRender (2)

Wearing Chardonnay Orange:



13 thoughts on “Château Labiotte Wine Lip Tints Review

  1. Catherina F. says:

    I was just looking into buying the Shiraz Red shade 😀 it’s so funny because Shiraz is my favourite kind of wine, and vampy blue-toned reds are a favourite lip color XDDD


  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, as I had been interested in these. They all look so good on you. I just ordered the rose coral shade and now I have an idea of what I’m getting.


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