Barry M Mani Mask Bashful & Birthday Suit

Barry M Mani Mask is part of the new nail care range by Barry M and I’ve been loving everything released in the line. In particular, the Mani Masks in Bashful and Birthday Suit have been keeping me company in the moot court, making sure I look presentable in front of the judges.


Bashful is a ballerina baby pink, while Birthday Suit is a neutral nude beige. They are both very sheer.

In the swatches, I’ve applied 3 layers for Bashful, and 2 layers for Birthday Suit. Apart from there being an obvious pink tone to my nails with Bashful, and a grayer cast with Birthday Suit up close – at a glance, they could easily pass for one another.


I’ve tried them out with the Barry M Super Mani as a top coat for a glossy finish, and my mani lasted a good 6 days before it started coming off when I used my once a week purple shampoo – LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo – which seemed to eat away the polish! It was literally dissolving off my nails! (see below)


Apart from the slight problem with my shampoo dissolving nail polish; I love these fast drying (by the time you finish painting the last nail on your second hand, the first hand you painted will be dry), semi-matte finish polishes! Their lightly tinted finish gives me an effortless fresh french manicure (Bashful, in particular covers any staining from previous polishes) and their protecting qualities also keeps my nails from breaking.

I highly recommend checking them out if they’re on sale in your local drugstore!


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