NYX Lipsticks Haul, Review & Swatches

The distributor of the NYX UK site recently had a huge clearance sale where they sold lipsticks ranging from £1-£2, and therefore, I had to pick up some.

The colours I got were: Opal, Summer Love, Sky Pink, Pumpkin Pie, Hades, Watermelon, Doll, Figue, Spellbound, Sunflower and Chic Red.

The colours I was most impressed by were Hades and Figue – both were super pretty on the lips and had a smooth, no-fuss texture that could easily be re-applied without a mirror when out and about.

Opal was surprising moisturizing and would make a cute tinted lipbalm alternative, the duochrome would also make your teeth look whiter! Perfect for coffee shop visits!

Watermelon was a little sheer compared to the other shades, so that was a bit of a let down. All of the darker shades (Spellbound, Doll, Sunflower, and particularly Chic Red) were very pigmented but sadly had too much slip to stay on and feathered a lot as well.

All in all, they were very comfortable to wear and for the cost, I would definitely recommend getting some though – especially colours you know you won’t normally use but would like to try. It’s a great bargain!

On another note, huge apologies for neglecting my blog for so long. I’ve started law school not too long ago and the increased work load has been really tipping me off balance.