MoonCats Vanilla Pure Cashmere Spring Scarf

Wearing the most neutral SS15 Pantone shade

Of all the Pantone En Plein Air shades, Toasted Almond was the one shade that I decided I would make mine. A sun-tanned neutral, offering timeless, comforting warmth, my goal was to get something in the shade that I could wear all throughout Spring and Summer.

Back in May, MoonCats contacted me and asked whether I would like to review one of their scarves. Being a sucker for soft, touchable fabrics, I immediately said yes when I saw that they released a collection of Pure Cashmere Spring Scarves.

My choice of colour? Vanilla (though Mocha had been a close contender).


All of the colours are actually great accessories to have around this season, as the sky blue Amalfi is a dead ringer for another EPA shade – Aquamarine, whilst if you prefer something sweet and pastel like EPA’s Strawberry Ice, Peach Sorbet would be a great pop of colour for any outfit.

For those who aren’t fans of brights, other ways to wear the SS15 Pantone shades include:

  • Marsala (The colour of the year! Named after Marsala dessert wine): Wine
  • Glacier Gray: Stone
  • Classic Blue: Caribbean Dream (does that name not sound appealing?)


MoonCats actually spent three months in Asia just to decide which region’s cashmere they would use to create their beautiful scarves, and this has obviously paid off. Made with wool from cashmere goats living in Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia – not to be confused with Mongolia – is actually the historical ‘cradle of cashmere’ when translated back to English.

For a scarf, it may be considered a splurge at $115 (US), however, considering the quality of the materials, measuring 20 inches in width and 80 in length of 100% cashmere – it is actually much cheaper than the alternatives currently available in the market. This may likely be as MoonCats is located online and therefore has lower fixed costs as they don’t pay physical costs (excuse me as I cheer that my A Levels Economics knowledge has finally come into usage).


While us British babes don’t really benefit from this; if you live in the US you also get free shipping and exchanges when you purchase from MoonCats so that you’ll always be happy with your scarf (or scarves if you pick up more than one, I’ve been eyeing their French Flag Infinity Scarf – which has adorable tassels).

MoonCats have also offered to give all my readers 20% off and you can use my code: JASMINEYEUNG20OFF for a discount. I don’t earn commission and it’s not affiliated, so feel free to use it without worry! The code also works for anything on the site, and if $115 is a bit too much for you, their silk and pashmina scarf in Almond Milk ($32 with the code) is also a great way to incorporate some almond goodness into your Spring and Summer wardrobe.

If you’re interested in even bigger discounts – while my code can be used anytime, sometimes MoonCats have sales and you can keep track of them through their Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, if you do happen to purchase one of the Cashmere scarves, remember that as with any cashmere product to dry clean only. You don’t want to ruin the material.


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