Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm Morning Rose (371)

Guerlain’s KissKiss Roselip Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm in Morning Rose (371) is my new go to for hydrated, plumped lips with just a hint of colour.


Morning Rose (371) is likely the sheerest of the range as it is supposed to a ‘colourless balm’, but applies to wrap the lips in a thin veil of rose petal pink. In a sense, it is highly comparable to the Dior Addict Lip Glow in the original Pink shade (001).

Both are supposed to offer a customised pink depending on the the wearer’s ph levels due to the inclusion of certain red oxides. However, Guerlain’s lineup of ingredients is certainly more impressive.

While Dior’s version only comes in two shades: Pink (001) and Coral (004), Guerlain’s new tinted lip balm lineup already has an impressive array of six shades ranging from peach to plum. Though, I must admit, I’m a sucker for Lip Glow in the Coral shade and would love to find a comparable shade in the Roselip formula.

Lip Glow is known to be loved because of its mango butter based formula (which meant that you went through a tube at the speed of light due to how emollient it was). However I much prefer Roselip for its hyaluronic acid, rosewater, jojoba oil and beeswax base as it delivered the moisture that Lip Glow had left me craving.


As you can see in the lip swatch below, on me – the colour change is not strikingly obvious. I’ve never had much of a reaction to colour changing lipsticks and I guess it rings true for pretty much any brand no matter the price point (I’ve tried offerings from L’Oreal, Lipstick Queen, Dior and now Guerlain). The wrist swatch took three swipes to build it to this intensity.


However, as a lip balm – I am very impressed. If you tend to have more luck with colour changing lipsticks/lipbalms, try this out and you might find yourself short of around HK$280 because of how addictive it is for a ‘no makeup’ look. It’s a great pick me up on a lazy morning and the Guerlain packaging can do no wrong for any girl’s pouch.

Something else that I should point out is that Guerlain’s tinted balm has a sweet floral scent – slightly rosy, but more of a melange of flowers rather than a soliflore. No detectable taste and no visible transferring of colour on cups.

Bare lips:


With Guerlain Roselip in Morning Rose on:



5 thoughts on “Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm Morning Rose (371)

  1. Olive says:

    Got some great tips from you. I am currently using dior lip glow. Maybe after i finish it. I want to try Guerlain. Is Guerlain same speed on finishing as dior ? Or can last a bit longer ?


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