Essie Saltwater Happy

featuring my healing hand

Essie’s Saltwater Happy makes me happy to have short nails.


Not that this perfect cornflower blue wouldn’t look great on all lengths, but on short nails, it just seems extra fun and beach ready!



I’m taking a lot of photos just to show off my healing hand as well – while my ring finger on my left hand and pinky on my right hand suffered a slight mishap (from a door) – you can see that the huge bruise I got from my IV drip (which was featured on my Instagram feed) is obviously healing well.



It was fun for the few days I was testing out the coverage of several base products, but the novelty soon wore off when as hand was squeezed to death by my mom while watching Jurassic World.

I’ll be in the High Court Chambers for the next few weeks, so after I remove this – I probably be sticking with more office friendly shades.


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