Shiro Burdened With Glorious Purpose Eyeshadow


Wearing an eyeshadow with a name like Shiro’s Burdened With Glorious Purpose could likely inspire a few individuals to kneel before you.


As I’ve mentioned before in my other Shiro eyeshadow reviews; for all the shades without jars, I press them down as I travel so frequently between Hong Kong and England.

The formula of these shadows are very easy to press. I only used some rubbing alcohol and an oil blend of grapeseed and coconut oil as binder, and it dried smooth – until I used it – with the colour remaining unchanged.


Swatch was done on bare skin (N10/15) with no primer. As you can probably tell, it’s pigmented and smooth with outstanding wear (even staining slightly).

Blending was a little difficult, because it seemed like once it was on – it would set itself and not budge, but as with most dark colours, you just have to be persistent. It was ever so slightly patchy, but compared to Colonel, it was a breeze to work with.

A dark, blackened olive green with most noticeably- gold shimmer lurking about… The inspiration from Loki’s outfit can easily be seen.


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