Shiro Glowstick Of Destiny Eyeshadow

Testing not authorised by NASA

Described as a muted Tesseract blue with strong golden duochrome, Shiro’s Glowstick Of Destiny from the Avenger’s inspired Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Collection is stunningly glowing in real life. The gold duochrome is honestly out of this world.

With all my Shiro eyeshadows without jars, I press them down as I travel so frequently between Hong Kong and England. The formula of these shadows make the process very easy. I only used some rubbing alcohol and an oil blend of grapeseed and coconut oil as binder, and it dried smooth – until I used it – with the colour remaining unchanged.

Swatch was done on bare skin (N10/15) with no primer. Despite the obvious gold shimmer, fallout was actually minimal. Due to the light nature of the shade, I also couldn’t really tell how pigmented it was (blended easily into my skin due to gold shimmer). In the photo swatch, the blue definitely looks more pronounced than in real life whereby the gold stands out a lot more.

If you’re not familiar with the colour of the Tesseract, the base of Glowstick of Destiny is actually a icy blue. It’s actually pretty spot on for the colour of Earth in Pale Blue Dot photograph.

Longevity was quite good at around 7 hours, by then which only the gold shimmer remained. Over blending can also cause the blue base to disappear. But overall, the texture is a winner with how buttery smooth it is.


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