Shiro Colonel Eyeshadow

and all female officers will be required to wear tiny miniskirts

Shiro’s Colonel looks almost like a mini night sky with a muted dark blue base packed with gold sparkle.

Part of the Fullmetal Collection, with obvious connotations to Roy Mustang’s uniform, I also like to think of it as a re-interpretation of my favourite pairing of Roy/Riza (let a fangirl dream).

I press down all my loose shadows as I travel so frequently between Hong Kong and England and just like all my other Shiro eyeshadows, this was very easy to press. I only used some rubbing alcohol and an oil blend of grapeseed and coconut oil as binder and it dried smooth with the colour remaining unchanged.

Swatch was done on bare skin (N10/15) with no primer. While the texture was a little drier to work with, the larger glitter particles made it harder to stay on the skin (therefore, you can imagine how bad the fallout was).

Longevity proves to be average until the colour fades quickly into a sheerer navy – which then proceeds to stain the area for a much longer wear.

However, my main concern with this shadow was the texture – which was hard to blend and applied slightly too patchy for my taste.

Named after the flame alchemist, who – let’s be honest – isn’t as powerful on rainy days, Colonel proves to be much more impressive when wet (although I have not included a swatch). The colour becomes a deeper navy as the glitter attaches much more. Pigmentation is also generally better.


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