Shiro Baker’s Boy Eyeshadow

Known for being nice.

Part of the Tributes Collection inspired by The Hunger Games; as the name suggests, Shiro’s Baker’s Boy – after Peeta – is the light golden brown shade of freshly baked bread – only Capitol-ized with shimmer and blue sparks.

I press down all my loose shadows as I travel so frequently between Hong Kong and England and this was a joy to press. I only used some rubbing alcohol and an oil blend of grapeseed and coconut oil as binder and it dried smooth with the colour remaining unchanged and pigmented.

Swatch was done on bare skin (N10/15) with no primer and as you can see, it was pigmented and smooth, though there was some shimmer fallout – which is to be expected with such sparkly shades.

I actually couldn’t spot much of the blue sparks listed in the description as they registered more silvery to me. If they were indeed ‘blue sparks’, they are of a more icy, pale nature.

It wore for a good solid 7 hours (at least, the shimmer definitely lasted that long), warm and buttery – the shade really helped to draw attention away from the bruise-like dark circles going on around my entire eye area.


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