Disappointing Products

It’s not me, it’s you

Having just recently returned to my room in Hong Kong despite being back for over 2 weeks, I began cleaning out products that I no longer want.

While the main goal had been to rid myself of potentially overdue products, I found myself looking at a few products that had been pretty much full due to my lack of attention to them for the sole reason that they didn’t quite live up to my expectations

Skinfood Green Tea Milk Cleansing Gel (Fresh)

I had brought this for a trip to Costa Rica a good while ago and should have discarded it the last time I came back. This doesn’t remove makeup (not sure how well it cleanses bare skin) and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling fresh either – just sticky.

Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener

Another sticky product. It smells like artificial grape juice (the sickly sweet type) and probably does nothing more as well. I would hazard a guess that applying grape juice to your skin would be more beneficial.

The Body Shop Aloe Cooling Body Gel

For a product supposed to soothe a cool skin, this did the exact opposite and I broke out in red rashes after applying it.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lip Balm

This was really affordable, so I shouldn’t have expected much. Having loved other Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formular products in the past I expected a bit too much of it and was saddened to find that this balm was hard and waxy with not nearly enough oils and butters.

Nature Republic Natural Vitamin Facial Mist: Vitamin A

Smells rancid. Honestly just smells like the cough medicine they would have in plastic bottles and left in the sun. While I liked the Vitamin E mist, which left my skin dewy and looked nice over makeup – this one also melted down makeup when use atop anything.

PeriPera Egg Face Foun-Balm: 21 Natural Beige

Likely the most disappointing product of all. The promotional pictures for this product were too amazing – alas – it doesn’t blend out and has the consistency of playdough which has been in the sun for too long (smells similar as well). My skin also broke out after one application to try it out. Another point I personally didn’t like was that even the lightest colour (21) was too dark – although I can see that this isn’t really a problem with the product itself.

TheSaem Ally’s Ajell Milky Color Stick: 04 & 05

I brought this in Korea when the sales assistant recommended them to me when I asked for a pigmented formula – and they are. The colours are bright and pigmented, but also drying and fade within 2 hours.


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