Why I’ve Been MIA

I’m typing this with a fever and a 24 hour bed rest sign above my head.

You may have noticed that my blog had been frozen for a while; and I assure you, it’s not because of laziness.


Prior to returning to Hong Kong I was still in the midst of my A-Levels and after suffering through both Economics and Geography Unit 4 tests on the 19th, my flight had been on the 20th- so I’ve had no down time at all. I’ve always had bad stomachaches and cramps since I was young, however from the 16th onwards- I started to get really horrible abdominal pains.

By the 18th, I couldn’t even walk straight without my daily dosage of ibruprofen. My school nurse had associated the pains to “nerves” from exams and said it was normal for students around that time and that I should stop overreacting. Even saying that maybe my menstrual cycle was affected by my hormones. Fast forward, night of the 19th- I was still writhing in pain and the back pains escalated to levels where I couldn’t sleep.

Then on the morning of the 20th, I swallowed a few pills (God, I sound incorrigibly dependent on painkillers) and saw my friends with earlier flights off and retired to my bed. Close to 1pm (which was when my bus for Heathrow was), my brother came knocking down on my door because I was still in bed (albeit, in an empty room and no bedsheets).

For lack of better words- I felt like shit and I blamed it on sleeping past meal time.

Traveling on an empty stomach by bus to Heathrow, I quickly fell asleep (something I associate to ingesting painkillers) and by the time I woke up – I felt great! Refreshed was an understatement, I thought “finally! No more pain!” as I engulfed an entire pizza at Strada, promptly scaring my brother who barely finished his spaghetti as servings were huge. In fact I felt so good, I followed up with half a dozen oysters while my brother had half a lobster (and he said my metabolism was fast.)


Fast forward, I felt fine for the first 8 hours on the plane, watching Kingsmen and season 6 of White Collar, taking short naps and picking at the in-flight meal (I loathe airplane food).

However, close to landing, my stomach started acting up again. Thinking “uh-oh, must be the oysters!” I frequented the toilet. Skipping out on all the boring bits such as going home for a shower, I then went to meet my grandfather for a meal. This is now the night of the 21st. I ate close to nothing. Literally, I had a quarter of a bowl’s worth of food. But for someone that can easily eat a whole pizza and a bit for tea normally, having so little for dinner was unheard of.

We then went over to my grandparents’ place along with the rest of my extended family. I was shivering like mad. Clutching at tables, walking like a duck, steadying myself on chairs… Jaundice was apparent and my lips were purple. My dad, catching on quickly, saw that I had a fever and excused us, quickly driving our family home and getting me to bed.

By then I had to drink out of a straw to flush down the Panadol and my mom had to hold my hand so I could brush my teeth because I was shivering so much. I fell alseep easily that night, too tired to care about anything. 5:45 next morning I was hyperventilating and had to go to the hospital.

Normal admissions process- temperature: 40degrees Celsius and I was running one of the worst fevers I’ve ever had. They gave me some meds for the fever. At 7, the doctors started arriving and with a proper diagnosis, I got told I had a kidney infection.

And for the whole morning, I got wheeled to x-rays and ultrasounds. Afternoon time, I was in bed, two holes on my right arm so they could get my blood tested, and an IV drip on the left with antibiotics and saline solution. A super consise version of my time in the hospital? 22nd- hyperventilated again, cramps all over body and loss of appetite. 24 hour bed rest assigned. Constant monitoring of my blood pressure as well as it became lower than it should be (higher value at 80s only).


23rd- changed my antibiotics, which caused me to get rashes and vomit – an allergic reaction, so they slowed the dripping process. Night of 23rd, fever once again.

24th- wanted to keep me for another day due to fever on 23rd. Felt the best thus far on the 24th. Was allowed out of room to walk in hallways. Off 24 hour bed rest! 25th- woke by myself at 5 this morning, typhoon is making it super loud outside – took a selfie to commemorate the fact that I managed to wake up by myself.

Fever 7am in the morning as I’m typing this.

Oops. 24 hour bed rest again.

I’ll take a shot of my pills so you can see all I’m on not including the antibiotic drip (shown is my saline/potassium solution drip) and fever medication (eaten), so you can see all I’m on at this point.


According to the doctor I should be out by the weekend and I shall update you again then. I’ll finish off with a proper candid shot (I’m asleep!) where I look gross, and swollen. Because when you’re ill- suddenly everyone has to assure you that it’s not your fault you can’t be bothered to make yourself pretty and your priorities obviously lie elsewhere (such as not accidentally knocking the hand with a drip attached).

Edit: I was released on the afternoon of the 27th just before my birthday (28th).

They introduced another doctor (a bacteria specialist or something of the like – I wasn’t exactly lucid) on the afternoon of the 24th and between the 24th and the 27th they put me on two different antibiotics, still with a potassium saline solution in between and loads of pills that I can’t differentiate. I’m still on another 2 week course of antibiotics (pill form – thank goodness) after my release.

I was admitted to the hospital first with a high fever and abdominal pains before it was identified as a kidney infection, however, I left with the knowledge that I had a weak digestive system, low blood pressure and a potassium deficiency.

I was told that I whined a little bit too much about such a small problem  and that I have no tolerance for pain, but there had obviously been something wrong. If anything – it’s that I tolerate it a bit too well and I was ignoring the obvious problems within me that my body was trying to get me to notice.

If you have been suffering any type of abnormal pains and the people you approach only chalk it up to stress and nerves – but you have a gut feeling (no pun intended) something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Being hospitalised is not a good feeling – especially when you know it could have been avoided.


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