Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation

Desiring purr-fection

With a stunning total of 72 shades in their collection of foundations and concealers (73 if you include the pure white that is Snow Lynx), ranging from light to dark and warm to cool; if you’re having trouble finding a perfect shade match, I highly recommend looking into Meow Cosmetics.


I actually trailed a number of testers from Meow Cosmetics before I settled for the shade Sleek (1) Chartreux in their Pampered Puss Foundation formula. They have a total of three formulas, Pampered Puss being the medium-coverage selection.

Formulated with zinc oxide to soothe sensitive skin types, pampering the skin (hence the name) while providing coverage, I did not experience any allergic reactions to the foundation such as itching or peeling.

As a purposely went for a slightly more yellow/green shade in comparison to my skin tone, I found that the foundation helped alleviate some of the surface redness in my skin, successfully evening out my skin tone.

On the other hand, the zinc oxide helped to address the underlying redness caused by sensitivity. This helped to regulate my skin tone even after I removed my makeup.


The finish is smooth, velvety and matte (whilst, looking non-cakey and natural) and does not require setting with a powder in my opinion, unless you have severely oily skin as it has oil-controlling properties already. My skin also never felt suffocated with it on.

If you desire a more flawless finish, you may choose to use a finishing powder such as the Guerlain Meteorites range après-foundation instead of a loose powder as this may dry out your skin.

In terms of how it compares with BareMinerals (the original, which is one of my holy grails), I would say that BareMinerals offers more coverage and glow, however Meow is more natural and suitable for everyday wear. Both foundations also use titanium dioxide (that white powdery stuff!) as a physical sunscreen to provide a little protection against the sun.


Shade wise, Meow Cosmetics have a conversion chart on their site which is quite accurate. I usually wear Fairly Light (1.2), which is just a tad bit darker than me – but in the same colour family – and the recommendations (Sleek (1) or Frisky (2): Persian, Chartreux and Siamese) all suited me well.

The main difference between the two brands is that Meow Cosmetics do not use bismuth oxychloride in their foundations.


Bismuth oxychloride is a popular filler used by BareMinerals for slip, however some sensitive ladies out there may be allergic and it can often cause itching. Personally, when my skin is dry, I find that my skin itches when I use BareMinerals – this has been the cause. If you ever experience itching with mineral makeup – check if bismuth oxychloride is a listed ingredient!

On the site, Pampered Puss is listed as being layer-able. However, I find that past two layers the finish does not change. By then, you are probably better off just reaching some concealer. In this case, if you like to layer on your BareMinerals, you may find that Meow is lighter on the skin… though both foundations are pretty much weightless on your skin by nature.



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