LUSH Cloak Of Invisibility Bath Oil

Sharing it’s scent with the beloved Lust perfume and featuring a good dose of gold glitter, LUSH’s Cloak Of Invisibility Bath Oil almost screams to be used.


A late comer to the LUSH Oxford Street exclusive lineup, it’s as if a bath bomb and bath oil were combined to make Cloak Of Invisibility.


With the moisturising properties of a bath oil and the fizzing action of a bath bomb (out of the bath oils I’ve tried so far – this one the only one that bubbled as it melted away), it is much like another Oxford Street exclusive (Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb), in which the ‘petal’ shapes surrounding the center also broke off half way through to form miniature bath oils.



As mentioned above, Cloak of Invisibility’s scent is almost identical to their Lust perfume, although I found that the originally sheer rose and sandalwood notes have become near undetectable. What’s reassuring however, is that the perfume’s sweetness has been toned down and the jasmine seems slightly grassier instead of syrup sweet.



It may be due to the fact that they changed the formula of this so that it bubbles, but out of the three bath oils I’ve tried thus far, this was not as moisturising as Oil On Troubled Waters. But still, more impressive than Orange Flower (which I suspect, had something to do with my skin not absorbing the oils as the residue on my tub was no joke).



Visually, while not chock full of varying colours – it was a pleasant surprise due to the bubbling and the swirling pattern that it melted in. The shape that the bath oil is in creates the illusion of a cauldron bubbling (pumpkin juice maybe?). It’s very cute and fitting to its name in that sense. Before it falls into the water, it also resembles a pumpkin with gold sparkles.



Though it looks more yellow in photos… While Orange Flower dyed the waters a sunny orange, Cloak Of Invisibility has a slightly more red tone to it – a grapefruit like tone. Both were filled with gold glitter, as The Sun also seems to be laced with gold glitters, I think – perhaps – all the orange bath oils in the range probably have gold glitter as well.

In fact Cloak Of Invisibility has so much sparkle, that along with its scent – it’s basically a bath version of their Lustre Dusting Powder.


Once again, with the bath oils, the warmer the water – the faster it will melt and although you can cut them up easily (due to them simply being solid balls of oil), I much prefer using them whole.


Cloak Of Invisibility is another great product in the new line and I’m falling more and more in love with these new bath oils every day (or each two/three days since that’s my intervals in between uses) and I highly recommend you checking them out. Instead of picking them out for particular levels of how moisturizing they are – just choose the scent you like! All of them are super indulgent and would work great in bath cocktails!


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