The Thing About Guys That Fall For Lookalikes

I’ve just watched the 15th episode of School 2015: Who Are You, which is an amazing drama series and I urge anyone with time to go watch it. I say ‘with time’ because once you watch the first episode, you will become irrevocably addicted and watch all the episodes within a days time (or night, in my case).

In the series there are pretty much only three main couples – Eun Byul (the older twin sister) and Yi An (Eun Byul’s childhood friend), Eun Bi (the younger twin sister who takes her sister’s place after she goes missing) and Yi An, and finally Eun Bi and Tae Kwang (the school delinquent that was ‘reformed’ due to Eun Bi). And in this post – you can prepare yourself for a lot of spoilers if you read on.

While I’m mainly ranting about why I don’t support the Eun Bi x Yi An pairing; if you haven’t seen the series, basically at the end of episode 15 (the finale is at 16), we are led to believe that Eun Bi will ultimately end up with Yi An which is what ignited this post to be written.

This is however, only my own take on why I don’t support his intentions towards Eun Bi. At this point – I don’t even ship him with Eun Byul anymore (though I love childhood friend turned lover scenarios). However, as a character, I still like I’m and I can see the reasons behind what he does.

My reasons for not supporting his intentions:

1. He supposedly liked Eun Byul for over 10 years, but he never realised that her twin sister was in her place until prompted by So Young (the ‘evil character’, who was trying to sabotage Eun Bi) and because of Eun Bi’s own slip-up in her story. How dense can you be to not notice the person you’ve liked and been with everyday for 10 years is a different person when their personalities are nothing alike? Does he even pay attention to either of the girls?

2. As mentioned in point 1, he liked her for over 10 years! How do your feelings transfer from one sister to another so quickly? If he really does end up with Eun Bi, I want to warn that girl to be careful – who knows? He might suddenly have a change of heart after another 10 years and fall for someone else again.

3. I feel like he likes Eun Bi only for her face. Eun Byul has a very rude persona. She’s prickly and sensitive while Eun Bi is bright and caring. I feel like Yi An only likes the fact that someone with Eun Byul’s face is finally responding to his feelings and that he’s not in love alone. To me, it seems that he’s trying to project his un-reciprocated feelings toward Eun Byul (who had been treating him coldly due to the reasons she left for, but actually likes him as well) towards Eun Bi, because he knows that she can’t turn him down.

4. He knows about both the girls’ personalities and the girls only finally met each other for a week. Why is he making their relationship go bad so quickly? He knows that since Eun Byul likes him, he’s hurting her. He also knows that because of Eun Bi’s personality, she would also not hurt her sister that way. Yet he’s stupidly tearing the girls apart.

5. When asked about who he really likes… he can’t answer. He is able to declare that he views Tae Kwang as a rival for Eun Bi’s feelings, but in front of Eun Byul – he’s speechless. He just doesn’t have confidence in his feelings or his own thoughts. By episode 15, I still don’t feel like he has completely separated his feelings for the two sisters into two sections within his heart – right now, it’s still a venn diagram, overlapping in the period where Eun Bi was masquerading as Eun Byul.

UPDATE: After watching episode 16, I can say that my ship hasn’t sailed, but it hasn’t completely sunk either… though they definitely hinted at Eun Bi being with Yi An more =[


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