LUSH Orange Flower Bath Oil

Like bees to honey

Having tried another bath bomb from LUSH Oxford Street, I can safely say I’ve fallen completely in love with these new products and Orange Flower Bath Oil does not disappoint.

Not as strong smelling as Oil On Troubled Waters, Orange Flower was also designed in the liking of a Gorilla perfume (the now discontinued Orange Blossom; which was supposed to have had notes of orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rosewood, neroli, sandalwood and beeswax). However, I have never smelled it myself (if I did, I’ve forgotten the scent).

What hit me the hardest when I tried out Orange Flower was the neroli, faint rosewood – and the indoles! The indolic orange flower scent is linear and un-complicated. In other words, it practically just translates to very, very pretty. This is probably one of the most feminine smelling products from LUSH (lady-like feminine, not girlish or femme fatale feminine.)

Visually, it wasn’t as stunning as Oil On Troubled Waters as it was orange the whole way through (and when you first drop it in water, it looks like an egg). However, I actually liked that it was covered with (silver) glitter on the outside only and not mixed through because I find glitters hard to clean off. It also dyed the water a sunny shade of golden orange – very suitable on a sunny day to compliment the weather.

When compared to Oil On Troubled Waters, it also felt less moisturising, but I think Orange Flower is more of a bath oil that is easy to pull out and use for whatever event or day without a special reason, and for the oily skinned ladies out there – this would be a great addition to any bath cocktail.

While I feel like it had more oils (just look at the photo at the end!), they just weren’t being absorbed into my skin and may have been essential oils intended to provide scent more than moisture.

As with all the LUSH bath oils, the formula is quite standard. The warmer the water is, the quicker it will melt. Once the water cools and the oils start to coagulate, the water will become milky and cloudier as well.

I think Orange Flower is likely one of the less potent smelling bath oils of the batch (due to the light floral nature of the scent), but the scent definitely lasts and it has great projection as well. In fact, a stray bee actually flew into my room while I was testing out Orange Flower.



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