Anti-Stretch Mark & Cellulite Project [5 Weeks]

I honestly don’t know when I discovered I had stretch marks. It sounds a little weird, but since I have always had scars around my hip area and leg, I just thought they were smaller scars I got doing who-knows-what since I’m quite accident prone; so when they weren’t disappearing, I decided to look into it more.

I feel like I must have always had some, but only realised what they were after finding out what cellulite and stretch marks were… In fact, I’m still not even entirely sure whether what I have are faded stretch marks, or cellulite, or both (would greatly appreciate any input in the comments).

Because I’ll be going out in shorts and wearing swimsuits in the following months of my summer holidays, it only seemed right that I should try to tone down their appearance and I have since devised a plan which I am going to follow to try and diminish their existence over my legs.

Over the course of the month, I repeated the following schedule- but only doing either one of the ‘Evening’ scenarios for at least three times a week.

A cup of Twinings Ginger & Lemon Tea (with honey and two teaspoons of The Hyaluronic Molecule) first thing before breakfast

A cup of Your Tea Tiny Teatox 30 minutes after lunch

Scrub in shower (using either the Acne Treatment Coffee Scrub or Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub)
Followed by a massage bar (either LUSH Yes Yes Yes or Pearls)

Soak feet in hot water with either a bath bomb or bath oil to encourage blood circulation
Followed with aloe butter or coconut oil to seal in moisture

Stretch (all over, not just areas affected) for around 5 minutes
Apply Salonpas to any aching muscles or tight muscles that aren’t loosening with massages


The following is not for the squeamish (these are closeups!) or people who can always find bad things to say about other people’s bodies – I thought for a long time whether I should actually upload these photos.


You can probably tell that lighting is different and that the pictures seem like they are from all different angles – but I twisted my waist in the most awkward of positions in order to get these without capturing the shadow of my camera at the same time.

The vertical area that it spread has definitely decreased. While I had it all along the side of my thighs (down to my knees) before, it is now only focused around the area between my butt and thighs. In Week 4, you can also see that horizontally it had receded as well.

I actually think that I’ve gotten rid of some of the sallowness around that area as well and bruises have healed faster over the course of these five weeks.

In terms of how it feels – the ‘ridging’ seems to have smoothened out as well, and the overall skin tone has definitely improved – you can see that the white streaks seem less thick compared to before.

Week 2-3 onwards, I started really seeing a difference, and I don’t know if you can really tell – but – if you compare Week 1 and 5, you can kind of see that some parts of the stretch marks became whiter (little dot like marks?) while the rest of it faded. Though I’m not really sure why this has happened.

The marks also no longer seem as straight (like a line running through my thighs). Instead they seem more lighting-like in pattern. From afar it blended into my skin more.

I’m really quite happy with the results and I would recommend anyone trying out this method if you find this a problem for you as well.


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