LUSH Oil On Troubled Waters Bath Oil

Sweet pine and bay

With the release of LUSH Oxford Street products, the bath oils were the products I was most interested to review. Being a fan of the Gorilla fragrances, I also selected them mostly based on scent. The dark indigo blue streamed with fuchsia also made Oil On Troubled Waters something I was looking forward to trying out.

If you are already familiar with The Smell of Weather Turning, Oil On Troubled Waters is the new bath oil version of this classic LUSH scent. 

They’ve muted down the mint in Oil On Troubled Waters and the bite is not nearly as sharp in the opening, slowing sinking into the shadows of the water instead. The heavier chamomile and hay makes the scent extra relaxing despite peppermint’s usually refreshing effect as well, as it seems that they strengthened these notes for the bath oil.

Oil On Troubled Waters may seem cool, cold and hostile; hidden behind steel wars, but once it warms up in the water, becomes as alluring as can be. I find that The Smell of Weather Turning is an immensely protective scent, almost as if I had on a much larger coat on winter days blocking me from bitter winds. The fact that I can now soak in it’s warmth, and that the comfort of the scent lingers for hours onwards is just another bonus.

Visually, it’s one of the more colourful bath oils and the colours stun in fuchsia and dark blue, with purple streaks. Fully lined with silver glitter, the oils also perform in a galaxy-like state if you ‘trouble’ the waters slightly by mixing it up. Once the water cools, due to the high oil content, it becomes milky – dyed a shade of dusk blue.

I really like soaking in hot water. The warmer it is, the more I’ll like it, so the bath oil melted relatively quickly for me. I imagine that – since its a solid ball of oil – the cooler the water, the longer it would last you.

If you would want to conserve the product (the bath oils are more suited for one-off usage though), setting yourself a cooler bath than normal might be a good plan. The consistency of these would also make then very easy to cut into, solid – but very soft, like hardened butter.

Go an extra mile for indulgence if you don’t mind a little extra cleaning. You can wait until the water cools enough for the oils atop to solidify and scrap it off the top. The scented oils can then be used as a body oil to trap the moisture in. Kept in a air tight container, you can also use it as a lighter solid perfume option.

Oil On Troubled Waters is incredibly woodsy and nourishing, those that like woody fragrances will not doubt enjoy this and for those with dry skin, I highly recommend checking out all of LUSH’s new bath oils for something that is to your taste.


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