Fountain The Hyaluronic Molecule [Day 1]

Day 1

Being not very good at keeping with diet restraints and using food supplements (I had to take iron supplements for a while in the past), hopefully blogging my progress will keep me on track and willing to stick with it long enough to see results. Therefore, I’m going to document how I find The Hyaluronic Molecule from Fountain.

Since it’s only day one, I don’t expect any miracles- but here are my first impressions.

The scent is strange- think ginger, sugar and M&S milk bottle sweets. An odd mixture but strangely pleasing and unobtrusive.

Taste wise, I added two teaspoons (the recommended dosage) to my Twinings Ginger & Lemon Tea (one of my favourite Twinings blends) once the tea cooled down to a lukewarm stage.

I found that it added quite a lot of sweetness to my tea, and instead of a ginger flavour- was just a kick of spiciness instead. The M&S milk bottle sweet like scent was also still weirdly present. Adding a little honey in and brewing a stronger blend successfully covered the taste completely.

The texture is the strangest thing, not as viscose as honey, but similar to what you would achieve if you added corn starch to water.

Since there’s 240mL in a bottle and I’m supposed to have an intake of 10mL a day, it should last me 24 days (assuming I actually remember to drink it every day).

I shall update my progress with it in a weeks time, or earlier if I start seeing results then.


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