LUSH May Day

Ever since LUSH’s online shipping service swapped over to Naked packaging (aka. non-existent packaging), my bath bombs have yet to manage to reach me with without suffering some sort of injury. In fact – some have been completely crushed – but on to that another time.


LUSH May Day is designed in the liking of badgers(despite how it looks in above) and all of the proceeds from these adorable bath bombs apart from VAT goes towards the groups behind the Votes For Animals campaign! So perhaps, the slightly more morbid version of the badger bath bomb I received would be perfect to raise awareness towards the practice of culling badgers.

I don’t really mind my bath products being crushed as I never use the full product. As you can see below, I simply cut them into small portions, though it does make photographing them for the blog a little more difficult if I don’t receive them in a good condition first..

I’ve neglected to take a photo of the water after throwing the bath bomb in, but May Day – rather than being a treat visually, focuses more on scent and skincare properties and simply tint the water a sheer, cloudy white with a thin layer of oil atop.

May Day wasn’t particularly groundbreaking in terms of nourishing the body and while my skin felt soft, it definitely wasn’t moisturising all any different from using a normal shower gel from LUSH.


Undeniably, the standout point of May Day would definitely be the scent. Gentle and sherbet-esque, it reminded me of Wizz Fizz Original Sherbet without the sugar. Fennel and rosewood are also part of the ingredients, which makes May Day extra relaxing. Fans of the Sakura bath bomb should definitely try this out. Weird enough, I also got something similar to a metallic paper note with the scent as the water cooled down!

Also, a little surprise that I would have found if I hadn’t cut it open would be the hidden note in the centre. With #VoteForAnimals on it, to encourage more support for the cause.

All in all, while not something that it groundbreaking for LUSH and definitely a sleeper in the collection, I’m really happy with May Day – mostly because of the cause it supports and the scent and I’ve placed one last order for more before it runs out.



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