Barry M Daylight Curing Peach For The Stars

Peach pink punch

Since I went to town one last time before my exams start to do some shopping (my number one method of both stress relief and doing cardio), I picked up the new Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Polish in Peach For The Stars as well as the matching Barry M Daylight Curing Sunset Top Coat to try out.


Since Barry M makes it so explicitly clear in the instructions that the Daylight Curing Sunset Top Coat, it only made me want to rebel and try it with another polish more. So, for my accent nails, I chose Models Own Ice Neon Pink Punch because it’s a nail polish that I already love and understand the formula of (making it easier to compare results).



In the initial two days, both nail polishes wore normally. However, by the third, as I was doing my dishes; I realised that the I had Pink Punch on were chipping catastrophically on the edges and as the wear time for Models Own nail polishes has never been so short for me – I can only amount it to the Sunset Top Coat and Models Own nail polishes not feeling the chemistry for each other and refusing to bond. So perhaps the instructions aren’t so gimmicky as one would have initially thought.


It’s not in my nature to take photos of my nails as soon as they are painted and I like to wait at least a day before snapping shots of them (which also explains the cuticles). As the Models Own polish lost some of its fluro-neon-goodness over the period between when it was freshly polished and when I finally decided to take photos, I’ve also found that the two colours look very alike. From speaking distance, no one but you could probably tell that you were using two polishes, particularly under direct sunlight.


Overall, it’s a great formula that applies nicely, though it took me three coats of Peach For The Stars to reach full coverage of the nail. It doesn’t level as well as I’d have hoped and it does streak ever so slightly if I’m not careful with application – but the finish is stellar in its shininess (with the top coat) and very hard wearing.



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