Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment

Gradual ‘reparo’?

The word ‘Harmony’ always makes me giggle. Having grown up with Harry Potter series, I had shipped Hermione with everyone barring Ron; and Harmony and Dramione had been my two main pairings.


So seeing the Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment in my Shropshire Blogger Meet goodie bag, I crossed my fingers hoping it would cast Reparo on my dry, flyaway-prone hair.

As I used to regularly go for Japanese straight perms (aka. the strongest one available), my hair is frizzy and pretty much drier than hay. It’s become a lot healthier since I moved to the UKs and stopped the perms, but it’s really taken a toll on my hair.


With an anal retentive character when it comes to ingredients, I was a bit speculative when I first saw the ingredients list. Alcohol makes up a large amount of the ingredients, and as it is so drying, I did not think it would work so well on my hair. Thinking back, as in the medieval times – stout was used to shine hair, it made sense that the alcohol in the treatment would only help improve the appearance of my hair.

Mango seed butter and hydrolyzed silk (how luxurious does that sound?) are also included to inject moisture and nourishment, smoothing out the hair cuticles and surface damage to help repair damaged hair.


While the scent is definitely decadent – a creamy white floral with tropical tones, I do wish that the parfum wasn’t as strong in the product. Perhaps including another oil such as moringa oil, with both a beautiful scent and restorative properties would have been a better choice.


The results after using the treatment was good. However, rather than referring to it as a treatment, it’s more of a shine enhancing conditioner.

While I enjoyed how manageable and soft my hair became, the results never lasted and frequent usage didn’t really alter the state of my hair either. If I wanted the results to last, I would have to frequently use it.


Neal & Wolf products are definitely affordable for what they are though, and I wouldn’t mind using it regularly as a conditioner either. The fact that it’s sulfate (including carcinogens such as SLS), DEA, TEA, paraben and cruelty free just makes the brand even better!


2 thoughts on “Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment

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