Why I’ve Been MIA

I’m typing this with a fever and a 24 hour bed rest sign above my head.

You may have noticed that my blog had been frozen for a while; and I assure you, it’s not because of laziness.


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LUSH Cloak Of Invisibility Bath Oil

Sharing it’s scent with the beloved Lust perfume and featuring a good dose of gold glitter, LUSH’s Cloak Of Invisibility Bath Oil almost screams to be used.


A late comer to the LUSH Oxford Street exclusive lineup, it’s as if a bath bomb and bath oil were combined to make Cloak Of Invisibility.

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Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation

Desiring purr-fection

With a stunning total of 72 shades in their collection of foundations and concealers (73 if you include the pure white that is Snow Lynx), ranging from light to dark and warm to cool; if you’re having trouble finding a perfect shade match, I highly recommend looking into Meow Cosmetics.


I actually trailed a number of testers from Meow Cosmetics before I settled for the shade Sleek (1) Chartreux in their Pampered Puss Foundation formula. They have a total of three formulas, Pampered Puss being the medium-coverage selection.

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The Thing About Guys That Fall For Lookalikes

I’ve just watched the 15th episode of School 2015: Who Are You, which is an amazing drama series and I urge anyone with time to go watch it. I say ‘with time’ because once you watch the first episode, you will become irrevocably addicted and watch all the episodes within a days time (or night, in my case).

In the series there are pretty much only three main couples – Eun Byul (the older twin sister) and Yi An (Eun Byul’s childhood friend), Eun Bi (the younger twin sister who takes her sister’s place after she goes missing) and Yi An, and finally Eun Bi and Tae Kwang (the school delinquent that was ‘reformed’ due to Eun Bi). And in this post – you can prepare yourself for a lot of spoilers if you read on.

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