MAC Archie’s Girls Strawberry Malt Lipglass vs. Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Ohh La La Lipgloss

MAC Strawberry Malt Lipglass from their Archie’s Girls (circa Spring 2013) collection is one of the hardest to find limited edition lipglosses from MAC. The perfect pink red (think watermelon red!) for my complexion, I use it sparingly in fear that once I finish the tube I won’t find anything like it again.


Packing a punch in pigmentation with a juicy, jelly finish but solid colouring. It is quite literally my favourite lipgloss. So imagine how ecstatic I was to find an affordable drugstore dupe in Rimmel Oh My Gloss! in Ohh La La for this elusive lipgloss as I was browsing through the local Superdrug!



While Strawberry Malt definitely looks darker in the tube, as you can see from the swatches and photos, on both the applicator and in swatches – they are pretty much identical. Though, if you choose to closely scrutinise them under different lightings, I would say that Ohh La La is just a smidgen warmer than Strawberry Malt.


Texture wise, normally I would inch away from tacky lipgloss such as the Lipglass formula; however, as I love the colour so much, it was one of the pros for me as it meant I did not need to re-apply as frequently. With the Rimmel lipgloss, it definitely has more slip and while still being slightly sticky – would not remotely compare to the extent of the MAC formula’s (infamous) tackiness.


When applied, Ohh La La is not as opaque and you can still see a little bit of my lip line, while Strawberry Malt would cover it completely. Layered, Ohh La La can create a similar finish to Strawberry Malt (in swatches; left is layered, right is spread).


The extent of wear and scent also differs. Strawberry Malt can last up to 3 hours on me while Ohh La La barely reaches 1 hour. Most lip products disappear off my lips as soon as they’re applied, so I’m not surprised – but both lipglosses left a pretty pink stain behind that happily wore up to 2 hours more. What’s so great is that even the colour they stain is identical (see picture).


While MAC lip products all have a signature vanilla cupcake scent, I found that the Rimmel Oh My Gloss line up all have a plastic-y floral scent, which frankly… I’m not really fond of.



All in all, I’m a happy girl. I now have a super affordable substitute for something I’ve been trying to preserve! So on normal days, I’ll reach for the Rimmel and save my MAC for special occasions.



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