Tangle Angel

Salvation for your tangled hair

I’m lucky to have been blessed with naturally tangle free hair ever since I was born (this is likely due to how the individual strands of my hair are super thick despite the fact that I actually have very little hair – think stereotypical South-East Asian hair). So you might be wondering why I’m reviewing the Tangle Angel.


Thinking I should plan ahead, I’ve been on a hunt for a good detangler ever since I lent my wigs out to the boys in my form for the dress up week that followed. So imagine my surprise when I saw one pop up in my goodie bag from the Shropshire Blogger Meet. It must have been god sent!

I mainly use the Tangle Angel to fix my wigs after I soak and wash them. As the boys I lent my wigs to probably weren’t very careful with the wigs (nor did I expect them to be as Cross-dress Day was a crazy, crazy Friday), they came back to me in near unrecognisable states. So instead of telling you about how amazing the Tangle Angel is (I keep on wanting to type ‘angle’ for some reason), I’ll show you the before and after pictures of using the Tangle Angel to detangle even the messiest of kanekalon (high temperature fibre) wigs.

Using it helped me minimise the styling time, which would have normally taken the majority of the day to only an hour at most!

One little trick I have with managing uncontrollable hair is to start working upwards from the ends to the roots – it really helps make a difference to preserve your hair this way, and you’ll notice less loss of hair.


I’ve actually used the Tangle Angel on myself a few times, but I personally find it too big for me since I have a small head and thin hair, so I very much felt the bristles on my scalp.  Instead, I’ve found that the Tangle Angel Mini (a miniature version, with an inspired name) is perfect for touch-ups or for teasing my hair with after I sprinkle some volumizing powder or dry shampoo in my hair.


If you have naturally frizzy or easily tangled hair, I really recommend you check out their whole line of brushes to help gently ease your hair into a knot free and smooth, silky state!


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