Nanshy Marvel 4 In 1 Makeup Blending Sponge

Fantastic Four uses

With a name like Nanshy’s Marvel 4 In 1 Makeup Blending Sponge, how could any self respecting comic reader not make an allusion to the Fantastic Four? This was part of the Shropshire Blogger Meet goodie bag, and one of the products I was most excited for.


So Marvel jokes aside, how does the sponge actually fare?


Having never actually used the Beauty Blender, I’m unable to tell you how they compare – however, as a firm believer of using disposable sponges (as I’ve always believed them to be more hygienic), swapping over to a micro pore, latex-free sponge – has so far – been amazing!


The texture is so unbelievably soft! It’s just as soft as my konjac sponges when dry and perhaps even softer when wet – which was utterly mind blowing as I didn’t think that my makeup applicator could possibly be softer than what I used to wash my face.


In terms of performance, I followed the instructions to use it. Dampening the sponge with water, squeezing out the excess before using it to apply and blend my base makeup. It gave me a near flawless finish that camouflaged uneven skin texture and provided a soft focus effect.

The sponge’s ability to expand is also very apparent (as seen in the following photos; top is dry, bottom is damp) – transforming from Dr Banner to Hulk (excuse the ongoing Marvel references) within a couple of seconds.



The 4 in 1 part may seem kind of gimmicky, but if you want to use Fantastic Four connotations – it kind of works. Like Mister Fantastic, it can bend, stretch and squeeze into the crevasses of your face, provide seamless blending like Invisible Woman or help contour stone-cut cheekbones à la the Thing and it’s even shaped like the top of Human Torch’s head!


Despite being a fervent supporter of using skin filters, I was even able to skip out on it on days I use the blending sponge to apply my makeup. With my foundation applied with the sponge topped with the BareMinerals Mineral Veil, the finish it gives is basically a physical skin filter.



Obviously, some sort of real life photoshop had been going on without me noticing.

That being said, have I been converted into using this washable, reusable sponge? Not completely. I still prefer the ease of just using a new disposable sponge every time I need one.


However, the Marvel 4 In 1 Makeup Blending Sponge is definitely sneaking into my makeup routine more often and I can see myself reaching for it whenever I have any special events in toll as the flawless finish it gives is tugging on my heartstrings.

If you’re interested in getting this product as well as other cruelty free, vegan approved makeup brushes, you can find them at Nanshy’s official site here.


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