Fullips Lip Enhancers

I’ve recently incorporated a new step into my makeup routine – prepping my lips with Fullips Lip Enhancers before I pop my lip balm and lip colour on.


My top lip has always been tiny, and because I have a duchenne smile they have always disappeared (together with my eyes) into my face when I smile. So when the Kylie Jenner buzz started and everyone started wanting big lips – I had to find ways to work with what I’ve got.


The Lip Enhancers come in three different sizes, the Small Oval, Medium Oval and Large Round. I received all three as part of the All Three Multi Pack recently from my Shropshire Blogger Meet goodie bag and have found that the Small Oval and Large Round work the best for me.


While I have a small mouth and thin lips, the area and shape itself is quite round, so as all around enlargement, I use the Large Round for an overall fuller effect. If I then feel like my upper lip could use a little more help, I go back to the Small Oval.

Here’s a before and after shot of how my results.
(I did tilt my head ever so slightly in the bottom photo for even more enlargement, but no extra product was used apart from lip balm.)



Impressive right?

It is very simple to use Fullips and it doesn’t hurt at all. Though I have found that my upper lip areas tend to go a little red (due to how thin my lip is, the suction happens above it instead of on the lip sometimes), it fades away in more or less two to three minutes.

To use, you first clean the Lip Enhancers. I like using my Sebamed Cleansing Bar because of how gentle it is – don’t use any harsh soaps on your Fullips!

They recommend that you can exfoliate the lips, but I’ve never found the need to as the Lip Enhancers have worked fine by themselves. Moving on, I simply spray on a bit of my Fresh Rose Floral Toner around the mouth area to moisten and help wet the area to increase suction.

If you choose to do the same (spraying toner to get a tighter suction), it’s very important to choose a alcohol free toner.

Afterwards, you can finally use the enhancer by placing it over your mouth and lip area, holding it in place, and begin sucking short puffs of air out of enhancer. You continue until solid suction is established and enhancer is firmly around mouth and wait for around 15-30 seconds before removing the Fullips Lip Enhancers.


And voila! Fuller lips without injections and masses of lip liner! I always follow up with a lip balm afterwards, but it’s all up to personal preference. You can also repeat the steps to increase the fullness even further, though after 3-4 increments, you would have likely reached the maximum fullness.



The results last for up to 2 hours on me, but as the enhancers are so small you can carry them around for touch-ups very easily.


If you are interested in Fullips, I’d recommend that you check out their website here instead of looking for cheaper alternatives (eg. shot glasses) or searching on eBay (in case of fakes, which could damage or bruise the delicate tissues around your lip area).



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