Prairie Charms Floral Headband

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

Earlier this month, I attended the Shropshire Blogger Meet where I had the pleasure of meeting other bloggers as well as taking part in a raffle where we raised money for Scope. The prize I won had been a lovely floral headband from Prairie Charms.


Made up of a range of spring and summer florals, with a warm theme of yellow, white, pink and purple flowers – the headband is striking against my black hair because of how bright and colourful it is.


It adds a girly pop of colour to any outfit and would look great with off shoulder crop tops and white sun dresses. As it’s currently festival season, I imagine these floral headbands and garlands would also be on trend at the moment. Personally, I love styling it with messier waves.



All their other floral crowns have a delicate look to them due to how lovely the texture of the petals are. Having a mother that regularly indulges in ikebana (flower arrangement) – thus explaining my name, I’ve grown up surrounded by flowers – both real and fake, and the faux flowers that make up the headband are made from very high quality fabrics that have a silken quality to them.


My headband came with a gold-plated hair band with a silk rose petal underlay and the signature ‘Prairie Charms’ 100% organic tag.


While you can use these as a normal headband or tilted forward for a halo effect, I’ve found that as the bands are quite flexible, I could also fit it around my waist for a belt effect by slipping the edges of the band inside my skirt.


What’s great about Prairie Charms is that they also take donating very seriously and all of their sales directly benefit the Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and Kiss it Better campaign. They are also having a campaign running at the moment called #PrairiePayItForward and the proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation.



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