Disney Cinderella Jewellery Collection

The Disney Cinderella jewellery collection inspired by the 2015 live action movie featuring Lily James was recently released. Featuring gold tones and sparkling designs, they truly give off a fairytale aura.


Out of the three available I picked up two pieces – the Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Necklace and Disney Cinderella Butterfly Hairclip.

With matching yellow gold tones through the pieces, it occurred to me that while these pieces may be inspired by Cinderella, they were in no way designed only to suit the fair haired and fair skinned. In fact, with the extent of yellow that the metal was coloured, it would only accent brassiness in blonde hair and I think a slightly more neutral gold tone may have worked better with the designs (though the blue of the necklace would appear less striking).


Featuring twin butterflies embellished with silver diamante towards the edges of their wings, the hair clip and chain was elegant and could definitely pass as a more relaxed version of bridal headwear suitable for a boho wedding. These photograph well and don’t look overly ‘fake’ in photos, though they appear slightly gaudy in real life as there just a tad bit too many jewels.

I think getting rid of the small gems at the top of the wings to get a more filigree effect as well as swapping the large bottom jewel for several small ones would have perhaps made the design more tasteful.


One of the main cons of having such a mini collection is that everything only comes in one size and I also couldn’t seem to recreate the look on the model with my hair accessory at all, and it kept slipping down.

This was, however, partly due to the smaller circumference of my head (back when I was still riding, I always wore a junior helmet) and my lack of hair (having thinned it out in layers). Nether-less, the hair clip and chain was easy to use and would instantly glam up any look due to the fact that they used crocodile clip fastenings instead of barrettes.


The necklace also fit very well, dangling just past my collar bones. I measured approximately 19 inches and would suit most skin tones as it adopts both warm gold and cool toned faceted jewel embellishment made up of both glass and plastic. The tear drop deign also creates the illusion of wider shoulders and more prominent collar bones – very flattering.


With a lobster clip enclosure at the back that had a small adjustable length towards the end of the chain, accompanied by a glass slipper charm – this is the most obvious allusion to the movie you get from the whole collection.


Of the gems embedded on the necklace – the opalescent abalone shell effect jewels were particularly stunning and photographed beautifully. With the smaller diamond cut gems resembling cubic zirconia stones – the necklace is definitely a show stopper that could pass off as something much more expensive. I definitely would recommend you picking up this if there is only one piece to get out of the collection as it is a stunner.


I actually wore both pieces to my graduation ball and I felt like I was in a modern fairytale, especially when others asked where I got the pieces (the necklace in particular) as it made me giddy just to say “from Disney”.

To see them on me, you can check out my photos from the event here.


You can find the collection, complete with a matching hand harness here.


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