Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish Checkmate

Victory at your fingertips

I must confess I’ve never been good at chess despite my deep love of Lelouch (from Code Geass, who is supposedly amazing at chess) and reading about the games. It’s something I enjoy, but would never be good at (à la League of Legends).


But despite its name, Revlon’s Gel Envy Nail Polish in Checkmate is an understated neutral crème fraîche beige that would be great for paler skinned ladies out there struggling to find a good nude. Fitting in the way that it reflects how a victor should be – modest, humble and not trying too hard to stand out.


Revlon’s Gel Envy formula is something I enjoy, purely for how pigmented they are and the crazy shine it gives. They don’t level out particularly well, nor do they perform badly in this area, but I have found that with lighter shades such as Checkmate, it can be slightly streaky depending on how well long you wait in between strokes or layers and whether or not you like using a base coat (something I never bother it).


One of the great things about light nudes such as Checkmate is that if you suffer from shorter or smaller nails (mine are tiny!), they can help create the illusion of larger and elongated nails. The fact that the Gel Envy line’s formula is quite steady and long lasting is also good to help save you time in between changing up your polish (less nail polish remover = healthier nails that can grow longer).


A problem I’ve found with the nail polish however, is that because it’s such a pale shade if you have any badly cut cuticles (please, excuse mine) it can look ten times worse with this on. But taking extra care of your cuticles is a small sacrifice to make for the sake of pretty nails, right?


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