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I must be one the slower bloggers to update her blog after attending the Shropshire Blogger Meet hosted by the gorgeous Kirsty at Just A Little Bit Ginger.

The event was held at The Two Henry’s, a local restaurant in Battlefield (Shrewsbury). Since I didn’t know how to get there, I simply called a cab and it took me around half an hour’s ride to reach my destination. As it was raining on the day, I’m really glad I decided to splurge a little on transport… especially as I stupidly wore a skirt with heels in the horrid wet and windy weather.


Once I reached the venue, I was greeted by the sight (wow, that sounded incredibly cheesy) of bags and bags of Proper Corn, which just so happens to be my all time favourite pop corn brand as they have really unique flavours (which you would never be able to find in Hong Kong!). Unfortunately, my favourite flavour Worcester Sauce had been missing from the mix, but the Sweet Coconut & Vanilla flavour had been a pleasant surprise as I didn’t expect myself to like it so much.


We each had seats already assigned to us with my goodie bags on the chair and a small cupcake to take with us as well. I was seated on the same table as Hannah (who was so bubbly and positive), Paige (- honestly one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, and I really really want her sense of style), Chelsea (with posts that give you a serious sense of wanderlust), Chris (- he actually makes me feel super guilty and lazy as we stay in the same area, I’m always indoors or in the library while he goes out exploring abandoned areas!), Angela (she exuded warmth and makes me hungry with her cake blog posts) and the wonderful lady from The Secret World Of A Beauty Blogger (whom I felt like really looked after me, she had actually given me her cupcake at the end of the event as well).


Angela, Hannah and her also offered to enlighten me on the many pies I am missing out on here in England. All the people on my table were warm, welcoming and genuinely just super nice people to be around (which is why you should follow all of their blogs as well!).

On the other table there had been a Stella & dot display, courtesy of Sarah, she actually held a small talk for us later on as well – with Karen from JinksyBeauty as the model. Behind the display were the lucky draw prizes. We actually managed to raise over £80 for Scope, a charity which aims to allow disabled people the same opportunities as everyone else with the lucky draw.



So we all sat down, talked a bit and had the opportunity to listen to Charlotte from Smashbox introduce some products to us. While I have tried Smashbox products before, since the new Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio is a new product, I had yet to see them in person, so it was really exciting for me to be able to try them out (and gratuitously swatch them as well).


This was then followed by Sarah’s Stella & dot demonstration, the amazing thing about Stella & dot’s jewellery pieces is the fact that they can be worn in so many different ways to achieve different results and looks. Items from Prairie Charms were also distributed to us, I managed to get a packet tug-free of hair bobbles in pretty pastel shades that suited what I wore that day.



After the talks, we then moved on to food – which I was looking forward to the most as I had missed breakfast that morning (due to my school’s Saturday tests being in the morning and my inability to wake up early enough to eat). There was an assortment of sandwiches and finger foods such as mozzarella sticks (my love!), onion rings, and my new favourite things – bite size sausage rolls.



Chelsea, being a professional blogger also gave us some tips on how to improve our blogs. Being so new to blogging as Youtube had been my main platform for year, I found what she said really helpful – especially on what she said about the frequency of posts.

It was time for the raffle shortly after and I was actually lucky enough to win a prize. This is a little embarrassing, but as you all probably know already – I’m incredibly fickle / indecisive, so I took ages trying to choose and settle for a prize. I’m actually glad that I choose the headband though, and I will be doing another blog post dedicated to the items I received from the same brand.

So here I am, posing with my lucky draw prize. The flowers are huge and the headband itself is actually flexible enough to fit around my waist! Isn’t it beautiful? You can get it here if you’re interested. I’m also taking the opportunity to show off what I wore on that day, please excuse the dirty mirror – the marks have gathered even before I moved into this room. My Sailor Moon skirt was from Syndrome Store and if you use the code [ mineyeung ], you can also get 5% off!




The goodie bags we received were also filled to the brim with – well – goodies! They actually took Kirsty two hours to fully pack (mad props to her!).

While the photo below is just a sneak peek for what we received, I’ll probably be doing reviews for most of them. I’ve already tried to majority of the items out and I’m really enjoying a lot of the products.


The event ended around 4pm as everybody began to make plans to return home (or in my case, back to the dorm) and I called a taxi once again (the exact same cab from before) and returned feeling content and excited at the prospect of having met such inspiring people. Despite not having been blogging for long, I was lucky enough to go to the most lovely event. Kirsty did such as amazing job hosting everything – I can’t even begin to fathom how much time and effort went into it!


For me, this meet-up had been a great experience as I had never attended another before. It’s also supporting my theory that the blogosphere is much friendlier than the Youtube community, which in the years that I have been part of it – seems to only be become more and more competitive.


10 thoughts on “Shropshire Blogger Meet

  1. chelsealouhaden says:

    Aww I’m so glad you like my blog and my talk – it makes me happy when it helps people!
    Love your account and pictures – nicely done!

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.



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