Ghosts & Silhouettes

Let us pretend tomorrow will never come

We always believe that every instant feels truly eternal and unique, but at our age – of course they will. We’re still young, and we still haven’t reached the quota of memories needed to take up space in our minds.


Every person we meet marks a special place in our heart, but whether they leave it whole, or help it grow – we never know.

I met an amazing person at a horrible time, here at the school I’m about to leave. In a sense, I was suffering from a loss of faith in friendships and she helped me believe that I was not alone – that there were people out there that do not give credit to rumours and lies.

She takes the time to get to know you. To not judge others by what others may say and she sees beauty beyond littles things and has a giving heart which attends to those in need. Instead of waxing lyrical on superficial issues, she captures events with snaps of her camera.

On this special day, I may not be able to do much for her apart from cake and gifts, but I want to give her at least the knowledge that she is important and loved.

Birthdays are always filled with joy, and the celebrations that follow only build on it, but the after party can sometimes leave us worried, or over contemplating our lives. Because, after all, you’re one year older.

One year closer to leaving behind the securities of our lifestyles and it’s time to take a hold on the steer to our own adulthoods. And it’s scary. I don’t think this irrational fear could ever not exist when it’s presented to us in such a perfect little bundle of expectations, exams and eternal nagging.

So even if it’s just for today, I hope that you can find yourself with a smile in your face, with no worries tugging at your heartstrings or knocking on your door and I wish that my dear friend can find herself surrounded by people that care for her everyday and be assured that with each passing day, she will be loved a little bit more.

To my favourite photographer in the world – have happy birthday.

Photo features the beautiful author and photographer of Ghosts & Silhouettes


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