Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do

And so it seems that I will love you

Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do is from the Spring Whisper collection. It’s technically edging into Summer now, but the spring showers are still going strong here in UK.

photo (1)

A beautiful pale mushroom bisque, I added a single gold gem to each hand as an accent to bring out the purple tones in the shade. The shade actually reminds me slightly of taro milk tea – the type you have as base for tapioca bubble tea.

It has a glossy creme finish and it applied evenly – levelling itself out – despite how sheer it is. I’m wearing three coats here, however, as it is so sheer, it doesn’t cover nail lines.


I actually wore this to the Shropshire Blogger Meet over the weekend and I love how it easily goes with anything and makes my nails look instantly more sophisticated despite my horrible cuticles. It’s understated and understanding of what my hands need and I kind of regret not getting more from the same collection…


3 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do

  1. says:

    Deric, not your genEric elf. (sorry couldn’t resist).Like the description of the warding, it got me thinking of a swirling dome of green light which I think is what you were going for.Also, I agree with the others. Edge is funny, hope when he appears in Wayrift (if he appears) it’s just as funny as this!


  2. baukredit vergleich says:

    Come on, you know you have to be an alien to get that MST3K job.I kind of love your idea, but really – I’m not going to comment all the way through. So let me know if you’re still interested in watching me while i’m JUST WATCHING. My mission is to expose the Passion Pyramid. It’s going down.


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