Quest Bar Protein Bars

Dessert replacement

I must confess, I’m not good with diets. One, because they scare me; and two, because rather than taking away something from what I eat, I’m much better off adding things into my diet to curb my hunger or create the illusion of fullness if I want to tone up.

While this isn’t exactly the healthiest option, sometimes, if I run out of time to eat breakfast or lunch since I have a busy schedule (and I’ll be craving something sweet or filled with carbs by tea time), Quest Bar’s Protein Bars are somewhat an indulgence for me.


In this review, I’ll be focusing on the following flavours: Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheescake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I mainly eat Quest Bars because they taste miles nicer than the majority of protein bars available in the market. If I’m trying to cut down on dessert intakes (or if I simply cannot get my hands on what I’m craving on campus), these are my little guilty pleasure. I’m by no means a nutritionist, so I’ll leave the nutritional values to someone a little more qualified. Taste, on the other hand, I can comment on.

I’ll start off with the flavour that left me with the highest expectations – merely because it’s one of my favourite flavours for milkshakes. With Cookies & Cream, don’t expect an Oreo-like flavour.

Instead, clear your mind of any Oreo connotations, and fill it with milk powder and Fox’s Chocolatey Shortcake Rounds, then take away the buttery taste from the equation. There you go, you get the taste of Cookies & Cream, it’s pleasant, but not what you would have initially expected. It’s actually weirdly similar to a chocolate cake I had before.

Quest Bars are special in the way that they actually try to incorporate some aspects of the flavour in their bar, and with Cookies & Cream, you get some crushed biscuit mixed in. However, instead of being a generous addition – once you get to cookies – it just feels dry. They don’t have much chocolate flavour to them, and tastes like Chocolate flavoured protein powder (unsurprisingly).


The most chewy in terms of texture of the three flavours I’m reviewing is definitely Strawberry Cheesecake. I’m a little conflicted about this flavour, on one hand, I feel that there is not enough strawberry flavour. On the other, I actually don’t like strawberries, so this makes me a little happier about the bar.


When I say that there isn’t enough of the strawberry flavour, I do not mean to say that there is none- but rather, the taste of the cheesecake’s digestive biscuit base overpowers it. On that note, it also lacks the taste of cheese, I think it would have been quite weird if they choose to put emphasis on that flavour though.

If all you care about is sweetness; in terms of how sweet they are, my ranking goes from Strawberry Cheesecake, to fake Oreo and finally Cookie Dough (which will fill you up the quickest). So for lovers of sweet things, Strawberry Cheesecake is probably the way to go.


The lightest in terms of flavour, you could easily eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as a cereal bar for lunch. For those that dislike richer tastes, this is for you.


For some reason, this particular flavour seems quite salty, especially if you eat it alongside the chocolate chips as you can compare between the chocolately sweetness and the saltiness of the ‘dough’ portion of the bar.

The chocolate chip pieces in this bar seem legitimate as far as texture goes, although the taste could improve to actually include some chocolate instead of just colour.


Of all the flavours, this is probably the one that fills me up the quickest as the saltiness in the bar just seems to help me curb my hunger. The other two are too sweet, and everyone knows that all females have a second stomach when it comes to desserts.


The best part? Apart from the taste, it even looks exactly like cookie dough!


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