Vivani Espresso Biscotti

Not just about the sweetness

Iceland for me had been a budget chocolate haven for me, and I picked up loads of different chocolate bars with the excuse that I needed the extra sugars to keep me going on our hikes up volcanoes and to go geyser exploring.

In one of the supermarkets, I discovered a few Vivani chocolate bars, which looked posh and out of place next to a large selection of Sirius (as in Sirius Black – I’m serious!) chocolate bars. I presume that the Sirius brand is probably the local Icelandic brand… more on that later on.


In terms of taste, the milk chocolate is sweet and smooth – not grainy at all. It doesn’t taste predominantly of sugar – which is already a big plus in my books – and it isn’t the type of try hard dark chocolate you get with Dark Chocolate Kit Kats as well.

The cream filling doesn’t have much semblance to ganache, rather it seems like the cocoa butter and cocoa solid have yet to be completely divided and is slightly oily – almost chewy in texture – where it doesn’t melt away like the rest of the chocolate on your tongue, but remains the consistency of curdling.

I presume that the biscotti portion of the product refers to the slightly crispy bits you get in the center. They aren’t rice crispy bits per se, but they really taste similar – while retaining the texture of crumbled biscuits.

The taste of expresso in this bar won’t be enough for most coffee drinkers. Even those that only drink sweetened mocha will probably find this too mild – but it does adds a little touch to what would otherwise just be a very nice chocolate bar with crispy bits.


A little background on Vivani, they are an organic brand that uses raw cane sugar as their sweetener of choice (which ultimately pushes up their cost of production), and the cocoa they use also comes exclusively from small-scale farming cooperatives in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, so it’s good for your conscience.

It’s a satisfying bar, but if you aren’t really one to indulge in such things… For the cost – I would advise you just get a cup of expresso and a Toffee Crisp bar to dip into it instead.The taste is similarly gratifying, it is unhealthier – but heaps more economically viable for most of us on a regular basis.


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