Kakashi’s True Face

15 years onwards

Obviously, apart from the title, I’ll just officially warn you that there’s going to be spoilers in this post.

15 years later, from when we first laid eyes on the Copy Ninja; we finally get to see whats behind the mask. He’s teased us endlessly before, from episode 101 in the original series (truthfully, the only filler everyone enjoyed) to comedy relief chapters in the manga as well. Teamwork, honestly, never mattered for anything as much as unveiling Kakashi’s mask.


Since Kishimoto is a troll he released Kakashi’s face in a guest book for an event instead of simultaneously all over the world as a manga chapter in Naruto Gaiden (in which, a new photo would have crashed the internet).

This created a bit of fuss on whether it was actually real or just a fan who had a talent of imitating Kishi’s style. But it has since been verified to be official!


And here’s a close-up…

kakashi copy

Personally, I went through a phase of fangirling, before finally calming down and then carefully analyzed my feelings – am I actually satisfied with this? He is very good looking, but was it worth hiding his face for so many years just because he may have been self conscious about a mole (which the pre-revolution French would have adored)?

But then everything started to become clear to me…

As far as I’m concerned, the whole ninja world basically went into war because of this face.

After Rin saw his face, she friendzoned Obito and subsequently, everything canon came into action. Which is why he hides his face so adamantly.

What do you think of Kakashi’s real face? Handsome enough for Teuchi-ossan to blush and Ayame-chan’s heart shaped eyes at Ichiraku?

Or would you have preferred the beaver teeth and mentaiko lips that we had a taste of in episode 101?

Pictures from Naruto anime and manga.


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