Beauty Hacks: EXID Hani

I recently received a fair few comments on how similar I looked to EXID’s Hani after I cut my bangs.


So after looking through my recent selfies (I take a lot when I’m overseas and Iceland was the perfect backdrop), I found one that I am happy to say I look presentable in and decided to do a short “hack” post on how to look a little more like her in three easy steps.

A quick disclaimer; I’m not saying that I look exactly like her (apart from our hair… That is a lucky coincidence). Hani is gorgeous, and I am in no shape or form even close to her perfection. Just putting this out there before the haters come by.

Step 1. Straight bangs
Or a ‘full fringe’, depending on where you’re from. If your hair length is just past your chest and above your belly button, that’s even better.

Step 2. Gray contact lenses.
She always wears gray for her performances and music videos, but on programs such as “Crime Scene Season 2” and “Running Man”, she has worn brown lenses instead.

Step 3. Pale skin and bright lips.
Hani has never been seen with nude lips and a tan. My first photo was taken under the yellow light of a tomato green house and filtered, but you get the basic idea right? She is basically the embodiment of Snow White colouring.

And that’s it!

A laid back personality and sitting with your legs wide open (honestly, how can you not love her?) is also recommended to complete the whole transformation.


4 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks: EXID Hani

  1. Sv says:

    Actually Hanis bangs are a trend in Korea called see-thru bangs. They’re not quite a straight, full fringe. There are a ton of YouTube vids on how to get them.


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