Etude House March Apple & Tomato Cleansing Foam

Cleanser of last month

January… February… March… and now even Easter has passed! The months flew by quickly in 2015, and if we all changed our cleansers as often as Etude House’s Every Month Cleansers, we would be on our fourth tube by now!


March was the month for Tone Clarifying in Etude House terms and the ‘flavours’ for the cleanser are lycopene rich tomato and brightening apple. The added fruit* extracts are supposed to “brighten up dull complexions while cleaning up skin for a radiant complexion” (albeit, not in such comprehensible English).

The main problems I encountered with this incredibly gimmicky line of Etude House products is the sheer amount you would have to use of the cleanser in order to finish the whole tube within a month.

I opened my tube on the 1st of March and now – as I am typing this – a week into April, I am probably less than halfway through the tube. Having used this cleanser daily, both day and night, this actually shows how well the formula lathers (as such, only a small amount is needed per wash).


However, for a line of products that is supposed to be swapped out every month, Etude House could have opted for smaller tubes (perhaps 30-50mL?) and lower prices instead (they are already insanely affordable, so perhaps – bundles?).

Etude House’s poor management of the line aside, this product is a keeper. It’s simplicity is probably what will attract people the most.


March Every Month Cleansing Foam cleanses well enough as a second wash to remove debris from an initial oil or micellar cleansing method, and doesn’t strip the skin of it’s oil so much that it feels squeaky clean (the type you get after washing your wash for Shiseido Perfect Whip).

If you can look past the fact that the fruit extracts were added in as more of a novelty and an excuse for Etude House to go crazy with the scents, March actually works well enough by itself to remove the majority of your base makeup.

Don’t waste your time trying to remove eye makeup or wax-based lip products with it though, it won’t work.


The scent is best described as being a synthetic apple note. It’s fresh and green, but blatantly perfect GM-Red Delicious. In fact, it smells a little like Arizona Red Apple Green Tea, with the substitute of muscat juice for tea (or sugared water, in the case of most of Arizona teas).

The fruit extracts are definitely present in the ingredients list, and the short list is also a winner. However, extracts in a cleanser present in small amounts tend to not be very effective in terms of benefitting the skin.


I have even tried lathering the formula and resting it on my skin a few minutes (in a sense, like a bubble mask).

Did it clarify my skin tone? Not really.

Did I expect it to? Not really.

But it certainly does its job as a cleanser and didn’t make my skin worse. Which makes it the perfect cleanser to take with me on travels. It is exceptionally low maintenance and easy to use… without breaking the bank.

With that being said, the full line up of all twelve cleansers do come in several different formulas and the special ingredients and functions of each cleanser is different.

Though the series was designed for all skin types in mind; perhaps, if I ever decide to try another tube I will choose according to my skin’s condition instead of following the monthly lineup instead? September’s Richly Moist Every Month Cleansing Foam seems to be calling out for some attention from me.

*Yes, I’m one of those people that refer to tomatoes as fruit.


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