Drama Recommendations: First Quarter of 2015

I watch just about anything as long as I see actors/actresses I like in the cast, but something with both action and romance is what I prefer the most. Therefore, the start of 2015 has been an amazing quarter for me with standouts such as Healer stealing the spotlight with both an amazing story and cast.

Here are some of favourites from the long list of dramas I’ve watched in the first quarter of 2015. Please note that the title refers to when I watched them, and not when they were released.

If there is one drama you plan on watching from this list- make it Healer. This is the new City Hunter folks! Starring the talented Park Min Young(I know it doesn’t look like her in the poster, but let’s blame the horrible photoshop-er, she’s gorgeous on-screen), she’s paired with Ji Chang Wook (who we all loved in Empress Ki) and thrown into an action packed romance/thriller once again.
While City Hunter was about a hot vigilante; in Healer, we get a hot illegal night errand guy (funnily enough, named Healer) helping our leading lady get the evidence she needs as a reporter to solve a decade old mystery and reveal the truth to ‘heal’ society through media.

Kill Me, Heal Me
I still can’t believe I fell in love with a personality! Shin Se Gi stole me away with all his ‘let’s run away’s. Yo Na and Yo Seob were adorable throughout (Yo Na especially!).
Acting from both leads was superb (can you imagine having seven roles all at once?) and it was the perfect conglomeration of comedy/drama/romance/angst. The relationship between the brother and sister was also extremely enviable.

Hyde, Jekyll & Me
Which just ended. So if you’re looking for something relatively new but complete to watch – this is it! It has an amazing star-studded cast, with actress Han Ji Min (absolutely bae material) and Hyun Bin (bae since Secret Garden).
If you are expecting something that actually correlates to the original Jeyll & Hyde you may be disappointed – especially as there are some major plot holes in Hyde, Jekyll & Me, but the acting just got better and better and the last two episodes easily tugs at heartstrings.

Although domestically it’s not doing well because of the awkward acting in the first few episodes (and episode 13-14, the overly emotional scenes were kind of weird and out of place), it actually gets pretty addicting – it’s kind of like a guilty pleasure you know you shouldn’t like watching, but watch anyway. A little slow to start up initially, you can definitely skip through the first 7 episodes before things start going down…
There are obviously some allusions to other vampire stories throughout the story (we actually have Interview With A Vampire mentioned and Dracula figures featured) and they even made fun of Twilight (explicitly stating that in a forest, one should not be sparkling).

Eye In The Sky
Apart from police/detective series, I adamantly believe that TVB can do nothing well. Having actually worked in TVB when I was very, very young (pretty sure I was in Prep or Year 1) and growing up watching the endless re-runs and repackaged dramas (same scenes, split between different series and recycled endlessly) – I have come to the conclusion that while ‘the journey’ is enjoyable, their endings never leave me satisfied… so I’m slowly starting to watch TVB again in search of my perfect ending. This time, I hope they’ll offer me more than the stencilled ‘gather all characters, zoom into to face, pan out and into the sky’ ending.

It’s hard to not fall in love with Jung Yoo Mi after watching her on We Got Married and I sought out to watch her newest drama with literally no expectations as I don’t have much experience with Joseon-period dramas (I’ve watched a few, but not nearly as much as dramas with modern settings).
The story blew me away through the transformation of the female lead, as she becomes humbler and wiser through her hardships and her experiences with her first love. (Don’t lie, we all actually love it when the second love gets the girl right?)

Sungkwunkwan Scandal
I fell into Park Min Young withdrawal symptoms after Healer ended. I have the biggest girl crush on that woman – how can someone be this perfect? If you haven’t watched this amazing girl-dresses-up-as-boy drama, you’re seriously missing out. An added bonus is that Song Joong Ki (one of the three men she befriends) actually attended the actual Sungkyunkwan University.

Images credits to asianwiki and tvb


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