Quest Bar Protein Bars

Dessert replacement

I must confess, I’m not good with diets. One, because they scare me; and two, because rather than taking away something from what I eat, I’m much better off adding things into my diet to curb my hunger or create the illusion of fullness if I want to tone up.

While this isn’t exactly the healthiest option, sometimes, if I run out of time to eat breakfast or lunch since I have a busy schedule (and I’ll be craving something sweet or filled with carbs by tea time), Quest Bar’s Protein Bars are somewhat an indulgence for me.


In this review, I’ll be focusing on the following flavours: Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheescake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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Vivani Espresso Biscotti

Not just about the sweetness

Iceland for me had been a budget chocolate haven for me, and I picked up loads of different chocolate bars with the excuse that I needed the extra sugars to keep me going on our hikes up volcanoes and to go geyser exploring.

In one of the supermarkets, I discovered a few Vivani chocolate bars, which looked posh and out of place next to a large selection of Sirius (as in Sirius Black – I’m serious!) chocolate bars. I presume that the Sirius brand is probably the local Icelandic brand… more on that later on.


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Kakashi’s True Face

15 years onwards

Obviously, apart from the title, I’ll just officially warn you that there’s going to be spoilers in this post.

15 years later, from when we first laid eyes on the Copy Ninja; we finally get to see whats behind the mask. He’s teased us endlessly before, from episode 101 in the original series (truthfully, the only filler everyone enjoyed) to comedy relief chapters in the manga as well. Teamwork, honestly, never mattered for anything as much as unveiling Kakashi’s mask.

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Tokyo Otaku Mode First Purchase Offer

For free shipping and a $5 discount

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) has been a site that I’ve frequented for over a year now. Apart from food, most of my disposable income is lost to either TOM or ASOS.

Right now they have a promotion going on where if you purchase $30 (or above) worth of goods you receive free shipping worldwide! I’ve also included a link which you can use to receive $5 off your purchase.

They sell everything from Amuse plushies (including the flushed cheeked Alpacassos you see above), clothes (brands such as LIZ LISA are sold, although otaku t-shirts with Evangelion episode titles on them are also available), anime goods (with bishoujo figures being highly popular), manga/doujinshi, art books, concert tickets (such as the Death Note musical) to home goods (curtains and such).

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Beauty Hacks: EXID Hani

I recently received a fair few comments on how similar I looked to EXID’s Hani after I cut my bangs.


So after looking through my recent selfies (I take a lot when I’m overseas and Iceland was the perfect backdrop), I found one that I am happy to say I look presentable in and decided to do a short “hack” post on how to look a little more like her in three easy steps.

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Etude House March Apple & Tomato Cleansing Foam

Cleanser of last month

January… February… March… and now even Easter has passed! The months flew by quickly in 2015, and if we all changed our cleansers as often as Etude House’s Every Month Cleansers, we would be on our fourth tube by now!


March was the month for Tone Clarifying in Etude House terms and the ‘flavours’ for the cleanser are lycopene rich tomato and brightening apple. The added fruit* extracts are supposed to “brighten up dull complexions while cleaning up skin for a radiant complexion” (albeit, not in such comprehensible English).

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